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  • Midterm Date: 16/11/18, Friday, 9:00. Please make sure to make no other plans.
  • The first and last pages of the midterm can be found here. READ IT CAREFULLY.
  • We do not enter the exam rooms to answer questions. This is a copy of the form that will be available for your use, during the midterm, if you have questions.
  • The midterm will include all material studied in the first 5 weeks of the course (details will be provided during class).
  • Important notice for students with two midterms on the same day: see here.
  • You can find the midterm here and the solution here.
  • A few comments regarding exam grading can be found here.

Moed A

  • Moed A Date: 31/1/19, Thursday, 9:00.

Moed B

  • Moed B Date: 19/2/19, Tuesday, 9:00.

Moed C

הנחיות חשובות לגבי ערעורים

Information on appeals found here. Please read carefully the regulations here regarding appeals.