Welcome to Introduction to Computer Science (INTRO) course homepage

This is the site for the Introduction to Computer Science and Introduction to Programming for Information Systems courses. Make yourself familiar with its structure, since you will visit it often. The links on the left are the site's menu.
  • Welcome to the course.
  • Syllabus contains the rules of this course, covering course material, grading policy, and academic integrity. It is very important to read it, especially the last part.
  • Announcements hold messages from the course staff which you are expected to read regularly – you can subscribe to it using your favorite RSS reader, such as Google Reader.
  • The Course info link provides information for the course, such as class times and office hours. These pages are generated dynamically, so check it for updates before going to office hours.
  • Assignments is an aggregation of assignment-specific subpages, which include the assignments themselves, and may also include FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages with RSS feed, like the main announcements page. Online quizzes are also located on the assignments page.
  • Class material in here you may find lectures notes, when they are published. For the practical sessions, which are located in a separated link, you may print the material before class.
  • Previous exams in here you may find material from the previous years of this course to prepare for the midterms and the exam.
  • Useful links contains links to material which was useful to students during the previous times the course was given, such as Java downloads.
  • Login links are used to login to the site, which is required for doing online quizzes.
  • Recent changes is the easiest way to keep up with the updates to this site.

The Wiki framework on which it (and many other course sites in the department) is built was developed by Yanik Gleyzer.