Institute for Industrial Mathematics

Institute for Industrial Mathematics
Institute for Industrial Mathematics, 4/24 Yehuda Ha-Nachtom St. , P.O.Box 15013, Beer-Sheva 84105, Israel

*Industrial Mathematics practice has special features

*Description of the institute

The institute employs a group of highly qualified applied mathematicians dedicated to solving practical problems. Work is motivated solely by clients needs and aimed at providing effective results and working solutions. The governing motto is professional excellence combined with commitment to practicality. Institute staff consists of about 20 members who proudly share about 400 years of experience in applied science, have published about 50 books and 800 professional papers, supervised numerous Ph.D. students, taught over 1000 university courses, won many prestigious prizes - including the Israel President's prize for excellence in science.

*Areas of expertise

Staff members share very diverse areas of expertise and collectively cover all traditional domains of applied mathematics, including continuum mechanics, fluid dynamics, control theory, stochastic processes, applied statistics, numerical analysis, operational research, system analysis, decision theory and more. Most staff members have recently emigrated from the former USSR, where they held very prestigious positions

*Sample projects 97

Bezeq Aircraft Pitch Control Wet Stack Study Ultrasonic Welding

A diversity of significant results have been provided so far by the Institute to its satisfied clients, for instance: effective policies for transporting oil in pipelines, novel achievements in video image processing, strong planning algorithms for modern telecommunication, new insight into phenomena of penetration and protective armors, comprehensive approach to mineral extraction from the sea, non-traditional methods for aircraft control, effective evaluation techniques for mining operations, a systematic effective methodology for organizing hospitals and medical services, identification of new trends by advanced data analysis, and more.