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Moed B and assignment Grades published
Moed B and assignment grades have been published and are now available in the submission system.
published on 06/03/2016 11:00:47 by Boaz Arad
הצגת פרוייקטים
הצגת הפרוייקטים תתקיים ביום ראשון בשעה 1600 במעבדת הראיה החישובית (בניין 37, חדר -103, קומת מרתף). אנא הקפידו להגיע בזמן ולפעול ע"פ ההנחיות בעמוד הפרוייקטים.
published on 05/03/2016 10:59:39 by Boaz Arad
Moed A grades published
Grades for Moed A are now available in the submission system.

6 points have been added to your base grade, this change is already reflected in the submission system and the grade sheets which will be published shortly.

An official solution for Moed A has been added to the exam area.

published on 10/02/2016 14:19:57 by Boaz Arad
2013 Moed A added to past exams
Moed A, 2013 has been added to past exams, note that the subject matter for Q7 was not covered this year.
published on 09/02/2016 10:09:47 by Boaz Arad
HW3 and Past exams updated
HW3 and past exams have been updated - good luck!
published on 03/02/2016 17:25:56 by Boaz Arad
Exam date update
Moed A has been scheduled for 10/02/2016 0900-1200
Moed B has been scheduled for 28/02/2016 0900-1200
published on 10/01/2016 20:31:19 by Boaz Arad
Object identification and Recognition notes now uploaded
Object identification and Recognition lecture notes now uploaded to the Lecture notes page. Please print and bring to class. Also included some new articles in the Reading page.
published on 10/01/2016 17:17:36 by Ohad Ben-Shahar
Assignment 2 Published
Good luck!
published on 05/01/2016 17:27:10 by Boaz Arad
Assignment 1 Published`
Assignment 1 has been published - good luck!
published on 02/12/2015 16:39:46 by Boaz Arad
Sunday class classroom change
The Sunday class (10:00-12:00) has been permanently moved to building 32, room 113.
published on 29/11/2015 18:28:29 by Boaz Arad
Practical sessions - new location
From this week on the PS will meet at building 92, room 4 (16:00)
published on 16/11/2015 14:38:45 by Boaz Arad
Practical session rescheduled to 1600
The practical session has been rechecked to 1600 as per students request. This is a permanent change, the new classroom will be announced shortly, so please check back for details later today.
published on 16/11/2015 11:09:50 by Boaz Arad
Updated Lecture notes
Lecture note file for "Sensing IV - Image formation and representation" is now updated and you are welcome to download and print it for your record.
published on 07/11/2015 14:29:04 by Ohad Ben-Shahar
Practical sessions moved to room 307 Building 34
Practical sessions will now be held in a proper lab at room 307, building 34.
published on 02/11/2015 10:31:31 by Boaz Arad
Course Website Online
Web site is now open for icbv161.

If you are enrolled in the course you are welcome to browse the Syllabus page, References page. Your lecture notes, slides, and mandatory reading mmaterial will be posted in the Lecture Notes page, while optional readings will be found in the Readings page.

When times comes to do some homework, you will find your assignments in the Assignments page and additional resources to do them in the Resources page. And while this is still too early to think of projects, you are certainly encouraged to browse student projects from previous years in the Student Projects Archive.

Let us wish you all an interesting and enjoyable course.

published on 18/10/2015 12:44:03 by Boaz Arad