Jerusalem, Israel
June 7-11, 2015
25th International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling

System Demonstrations and Exhibits

Accepted Demos

  • Onboard Re-scheduling Prototype for an Earth Observing Spacecraft
    Russell Knight, Steve Schaffer, David R. Thompson, Brian Bue. Martina Troesch, Steve Chien,Andrew Sacco, Angela D’Orazio, J. Daniel Newman
  • PLAYGROUND– System Demo of Goal Recognition Design
    Sarah Keren, Avigdor Gal, Ran Harari, Erez Karpas
  • Planning and off-line robot programming system for remote laser welding
    Gábor Erdõs, Csaba Kardos, Zsolt Kemény, András Kovács, József Váncza
  • Activity-based Scheduling of Science Campaigns for the Rosetta Orbiter
    Steve Chien, Gregg Rabideau, Daniel Tran, Joshua Doubleday, Federico Nespoli, Miguel Perez Ayucar, Marc Costa Sitje, Claire Vallat, Bernhard Geiger, Nico Altobelli, Manuel Fernandez, Fran Vallejo, Rafael Andres, Michael Kueppers
  • Scheduling Tools for Open-Pit Mining Operations
    Michelle L., Blom Christina, N. Burt, Nir Lipovetzky, Adrian R., Pearce Peter, J. Stuckey
    (pdf), (video [mp4])
  • Reactive Model-based Programming of Micro-UAVs
    Eric Timmons, Cheng Fang, Enrique Fernandez, Erez Karpas, Steven J. Levine, Pedro Santana, Andrew Wang, David Wang, Peng Yu, Brian C. Williams
    (pdf), (video [link])

System demo chairs

Daniel Bryce (SIFT, USA)
Guy Shani (Ben Gurion Univerity, Israel)