Important Dates

    Academic Track
  • Submission deadline: February 14, 2021
    Extended to February 24, 2020 23:59 anywhere on Earth
  • Acceptance notification: March 21, 2021
  • Camera-ready copy due: March 31, 2021

    PhD and Masters Track papers

    PhD and Masters Track: For graduate students (PhD and Masters) to expose their research to peers. This is a great way to get a taste in the process of advancing the great research in computer science. The accepted papers will be gathered in a Technical Report, and therefore the papers can be later published elsewhere. Submission requirements: Up to 10 pages lncs format papers for PhD track (see the last year papers here)

    Submission deadlines:

    May 31st- registration in easy chair and few paragraphs abstract June 21st- Long version submission

    Submission to PhD Track is open here on Easychair

    Submission deadline extended to June 20th 2021

    Entrepreneur (pitch) track

    Entrepreneur (pitch) track: We do have leading VC that are looking forward to exploring investment opportunities.

    Accepted pitches will be presented during the "Entrepreneurship Pitch Track" in front of VCs and industry experts in the country.

    The best pitch will receive the Gavish prize of $500 In addition, the selected 3 best pitches will get a certificate of excellence of innovation.

    Submission requirements: not restricted, but is usually a one pager or pitch slide deck.

    Submission deadline extended to June 20th 2021 via email to