Travel to Be'er Sheva

It is your sole responsibility to check with the local embassy if you need visa in order to enter Israel, in addition to make sure that your visa is valid throughout your stay. You can click here to read more information regarding B2 Visitor's visa.

Every guest, visitor, professor or student, as well as accompanying family members and dependents, associated with BGU must be covered by a comprehensive private health insurance policy for the period of their stay in Israel.

Travel by AIR
You'll arrive to Ben-Gurion International Airport.

For more information, please click here

Local travel by TRAIN or BUS
For Israel Railways schedule and fares click here.
Information at 03-5774000 or 04-8564444.
Get off at Beer Sheva north station. Take the Mexico Bridge to the campus.

    For Egged Bus Service schedule and fares click here.
    Information at 03-6948888.
    Get off at Rager Road and Ben-Gurion Boulevard intersection and enter the campus from the Gate of Aliya.