Eran Treister

Software for download

Aggregation Multigrid for Markov Chains

A Bottom-Up aggregation code for Markov Chains: Code available here.

Non-Galerkin Smoothed Aggregation

MATLAB/mex code for Smoothed Aggregation AMG + Sparsified Smoothed Aggregation: Code available here.

A Multilevel Approach for the l2-l1 (LASSO) problem

The code for running the numerical results in the paper: Code available here.

A mex code of coordinate descent (CD) and multilevel CD: Code available here.


Large-scale Sparse Inverse Covariance Estimation

Block Coordinate Descent, also with a multilevel acceleration: Code available here.


jInv.jl: PDE parameter estimation package in Julia

Github web page for jInv: a framewoek for solving inverse problems in parallel: All packages, jInv.jl.

Among the packages in jInv there are the add-ons for solving the inverse problems:

- Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) (FWI.jl).

- DC resistivity (DivSigGrad.jl).

- Travel time tomography (EikonalInv.jl).

Among the packages in jInv there also are the "forward" solvers:

- Fast marching for the factored eikonal. (FactoredEikonalFastMarching.jl).

- Smoothed Aggregation Algebraic Multigrid. (Multigrid.jl).

- Shifted Laplacian solver for the Helmholtz equation. (ForwardHelmholtz.jl).

3D Shape Reconstruction using Parametric Level Set Methods

- The 3D parametric level set method (including degrees of freedom for alignment) in Julia (ParamLevelSet.jl).

- Shape reconstruction modalities: Dip Transform, Point Clouds. (ShapeReconstructionPaLS.jl)