Eran Treister


Mr. Moshe Eliasof (PhD - direct track)

3D volume reconstruction using parametric level set methods.

Deep Learning for Graphs.

Mr. Shahaf Finder (PhD - direct track, joint supervision with Dr. Oren Freifeld)

Learning a mixture of Gaussians at large-scales.

Structured pruning of convolutional neural networks.

Mr. Simion Novikov (MSc)

Multigrid for the Helmholtz equation.

Mr. Benjamin Bodner (MSc)

Deep learning in low precision.

Mr. Yakov Medvedovsky (MSc, joint supervision with Dr. Tirza Routenberg)

Graphical Signal Processing.

Ms. Ruth Hochman (MSc)

Dense Prunning for Convolutional Neural Networks.

Mr. Ido Ben-Yair (MSc)

Mr. Maor Ashkenazi (PhD)

Mr. Bar Lerer (MSc)

Deep learning approaches for the Helmholtz equations.

Mr. Matan Goren (MSc)

Physics-guided FWI using Multigrid-augomented CNNs.


Mr. Jonathan Ephrath (MSc)

Exploiting structured sparsity in deep neural networks.

Mr. Sagi Buchatsky (MSc)

Low-rank shource-extended full-waveform inversion.

Mr. Gil Ben-Shalom (MSc)

Deep learning in low precision.

Mrs. Yael Azulai (MSc)

Multigrid-augomented deep learning for the Helmholtz equation.

Ms. Sofi Feldman (MSc, joint supervision with Dr. Tal Shai)

Cross-spiecies normalization for genomic data.

Mr. Gal Shalom (MSc, joint supervision with Prof. Irad Yavneh, Technion)

Efficient solvers for Graphical LASSO.

Mr. Yair Zohav (MSc)

Wavelet Feature Maps Compression for Low Bandwidth Convolutional Neural Networks.