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Solution to HW2

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;; Question 1. Reverse

;; recursive version of reverse
;; Note: this is not only bad because it is recursive, but also because it 
;; keeps calling append on longer and longer lists and append is linear.
;; So this ends up being quadratic time.
(define (reverse1 s)
  (if (null? s) 
      (append (reverse1 (cdr s)) (list (car s)))))

;; iterative version of reverse
(define (reverse2 s)
  (define (rev-i s res)
    (if (null? s)
	(rev-i (cdr s) (cons (car s) res))))
  (rev-i s '()))

;; Question 2. Ierative version of map

;; A composition of 2 iterative processes is iterative.
(define (mapi proc list1) 
  (define (doit list res)
    (if (null? list)
	(doit (cdr list) (cons (proc (car list)) res))))
  (reverse2 (doit list1 '())))

;; Question 3. Substitute

(define (substitute tree old new)
   (cond ((null? tree) '())
         ((not (pair? tree)) (if (= old tree) new tree))       
         (else (cons (substitute (car tree) old new)
                     (substitute (cdr tree) old new)))))

;; Question 4. Remove

;; Note: you have to remove the empty trees before continuing the recursion.
(define (remove tree n)
  (cond ((null? tree) '())
	((not (pair? tree)) 
	 (if (= tree n) '() tree))
	(else (let ((rcar (remove (car tree) n)))
		(if (null? rcar)
		    (remove (cdr tree) n)
		    (cons (remove (car tree) n)
			  (remove (cdr tree) n)))))))

;;  21 Simulator

(require 'random)
(define (get-a-card) (+ 1 (random 10)))

;; The hand Abstract Data Type

;; Constructor
(define (make-hand visible-card total)
  (cons visible-card total))

;; Selectors
(define (hand-visible-card hand)
  (car hand))

(define (hand-total hand)
  (cdr hand))

;; Operations
(define (make-new-hand first-card)
  (make-hand first-card first-card))

(define (hand-add-card hand new-card)
  (make-hand (hand-visible-card hand)
             (+ new-card (hand-total hand))))

;; Question 5. Twenty-one and test-strategy

(define (interactive-strategy your-hand opponent-visible-card)
  (princ "Opponent visible card: ")
  (princ opponent-visible-card)
  (princ "Your Total: ")
  (princ (hand-total your-hand))
  (princ "Get another card (Y/N)? ")

(define (user-says-y?)
  (eq? (read) 'y))

;; Twenty-one function

(define (twenty-one player1-strategy player2-strategy)
  (let ((player2-initial-hand (make-new-hand (get-a-card))))
    (let ((player1-hand (play-hand player1-strategy
				   (make-new-hand (get-a-card))
				   (hand-visible-card player2-initial-hand))))
      (if (> (hand-total player1-hand) 21) 
	  2        ;;''bust'' for player1
	  (let ((player2-hand
		 (play-hand player2-strategy
			    (hand-visible-card player1-hand))))
	    (cond ((> (hand-total player2-hand) 21) 1);;``bust'' for player2
		  ((> (hand-total player1-hand)
		      (hand-total player2-hand)) 1)   ;; player2 loses
		  (else 2)))))))                      ;; player1 loses

(define (play-hand strategy my-hand opponent-visible-card)
  (cond ((> (hand-total my-hand) 21) my-hand)       ;; I lose
        ((strategy my-hand opponent-visible-card)   ;; take another card?
         (play-hand strategy
                    (hand-add-card my-hand (get-a-card))
        (else my-hand)))                            ;; stay

;; Test-strategy function

(define (test-strategy strategy1 strategy2 n-games)  
  (test-strategy-i strategy1 strategy2 n-games 0))

;; This is iterative: just a loop of n time twenty-one.
(define (test-strategy-i strategy1 strategy2 n-games res)
   (if (= n-games 0) 
       (test-strategy-i strategy1 strategy2 (- n-games 1)
			(+ res
			   (if (= (twenty-one strategy1 strategy2) 1)

;; Question 6. Strategies stop-at, watch-strategy

;; Stop-at function

(define (stop-at n)
  (lambda (my-hand opponent-visible-card)
    (< (hand-total my-hand) n)))

;; Watch-strategy function

;; This is the simple version without memory for detecting which
;; card we get at each turn.
;; The more complex one will be added later...
(define (watch-player strategy player-name)
  (lambda (my-hand opponent-visible-card)
    (print player-name 'visible (hand-visible-card my-hand)
	   '-- 'hand (hand-total my-hand)
	   '-- 'opponent 'visible opponent-visible-card)
    (let ((res (strategy my-hand opponent-visible-card)))
      (if res
	  (print 'ask)
	  (print 'stop))

;; Question 7 (optional). Both

(define (both strategy1 strategy2) 
  (lambda (my-hand opponent-visible-card)
    (and (strategy1 my-hand opponent-visible-card)
	 (strategy2 my-hand opponent-visible-card))))

;; That's all folks

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