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Computer Graphics | Image Proccessing | Image Document Analysis | Augment Reality

Computer Graphics

Computer graphics studies methods for digitally synthesizing and manipulating of visual content, which include drawing, painting, and illustrating of three-dimensional, two-dimensional, and images.  It translates a mathematical model of a scene, which usually represented 3D models, textures and lighting models, into raster image/s. Computer graphics could be subdivided into three major sub-fields: Modeling, Animation, and Rendering.

Image Proccessing

A digital image is a numeric representation of two-dimensional rectangular image. Digital images usually refer to raster images, which is a grid of digital values, called picture elements or pixels. Pixels are the smallest individual element in an image, holding quantized values that represent the brightness of a given color at any specific point. Image processing usually refers to applying various operators on digital images. The output of these operators may be either an image or a set of characteristics related to the image. Image compression and image binarization are examples of such operations

Image Document Analysis

Document image analysis research aims develop tool to interpret document images. It concern with page layout, document formatting, and recognition of the written language. Historical Document Image Analysis (HDIA) looks into historical document, which are usually of low quality and handwritten, which complicate cleaning the image and recognizing the written text. In HDIA it is important also to study the written style to learn about the ear and the area, where the document was written.

This project is partially by ISF

Augment Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) enhances user perception by supplementing the real world with virtual content, which is commonly computer generated graphics. Augmented Reality Research study the user environment and generate a virtual content that look and act as inherited part of the real environment.