Ehud Gudes

PhD., The Ohio State University, CIS, 1976.

Research Interests

My research interests are divided into several areas:
1)Database Systems - I am interested in Security, Query Optimization and Physical structures.
In recent years I have shifted into Data mining and Data security. My recent work in Databases is on XML indexing, especially the A(k) index.
2) Data security I have done work in various aspects of data security, including: Role-based authorization and administration, Information flow, Database encryption, Intrusion detection and most recently Trust & Reputation. The work on Trust &Reputation produced the TRIC project which is a full infrastructure to support trust and reputation in virtual communities and was funded by the Deutsche Telekom Laboratories at Ben-Gurion University

3) Data Mining and Knowledge discovery.  - I am interested mainly in Meta-queries and in mining from semi-structured data like XML. I have done quite a bit of work on Graph mining, especially in the single transaction setting case, and I developed together with Vanetik and shimony the MIS support measure. In recent years I have done work on sequence mining. We developed a new algorithm for finding frequent sequences from sets of long sequences called CAMLS which appears in DASFAA 2010. The work on sequence mining was used to predict failures of Lamps and Cameras as part of an ongoing project on next generation imaging machines the IMG4 Consurtium.


I have taught many courses and I was the head of the Software engineering program for three years.

Courses recently taught:


Topics for Msc and PhD theses

I have open positions for both MSc and PhD students in the general areas of Data mining and Data Security, some of these positions are funded and can provide scholarship.

The following are specific research topics in Trust and Reputation.


    Department of Computer Science
    Ben-Gurion  University of the Negev
    Beer-Sheva, Israel 84105
    Tel: (972-8) 6461-626
    FAX: (972-8) 6472-909