Dr. Eitan Bachmat

Associate Professor


Department of Computer Science
Ben-Gurion University
P.O. Box 653
Beer-Sheva 84105, Israel


Building 37, Room 119




+972 (0) 8 647 7858


+972 (0) 8 647 7650

Office hours:

Monday 1012



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I work in the areas of systems design and analysis, biomedical informatics, operations research and applying math. I did a good deal of work on many aspects of storage system design. I analyze express lines in the supermarket, airplane boarding policies, healthcare digital systems and most recently, hyperbolic metamaterials and rankings of students and patients. I am trying to link queueing theory with number theory. Both have modular symmetries appearing in them. One problem is that there are real people waiting a really long time, but I dont know of any p-adic people waiting a p-adically long time. I am exploring optics in space-time geometry and partially ordered sets, trying to built (mathematically) thin focal lenses. I have also started to think about concentration results in high dimensional space-time geometry. Obviously all these interests stem from trying to understand airplane boarding. In biomedical informatics, I would be happy if I could improve healthcare, started working on it recently. I am also exploring autism.

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