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Forum Submission Date Solution Common mistakes TA in charge
Assignment 0
Not for submission
Assignment 1 Forum 7.4.2020, 11:59 Solution Common mistakes Shaked
Assignment 2 Forum 26.4.2020 11:59 Solution Common mistakes Meytal
Assignment 3 Forum 10.5.2020 Solution Common mistakes Aviad
Assignment 4 Forum 24.5.2020 Solution Common mistakes Eden
Assignment 5 Forum 07.6.2020, 11:59 Solution Ilan
Assignment 6 Forum 21.6.2020 Solution Ran
Assignment 7 Forum 28.6.2020 Solution Common mistakes Meni

Submission Guidelines

  1. The submission will be via the Submission System.
  2. The submission is until 11:59 AM on the day of the submission, unless specified otherwise.
  3. The assignments are for submission in pairs only. If you can't find a partner, try the forum. Nevertheless, due to the special circumstances, submission in singles will be accepted.
  4. All assignments must be signed with names and ID's of the submitter, in a PDF format and preferably printed.


There will be no personal extensions whatsoever. Recall that your final assignments grade will be based on the best 5 grades out of 7.
If you are not able to submit an assignment due to a compelling reason (reserve duty, hospitalization, etc.) you can contact us via
An extension of the submission date for all students can be requested by the student committee only, a few days BEFORE the due date.


We will not tolerate academic dishonesty. If you are suspected of academic dishonesty, then a complaint will be filed with the university disciplinary board (ועדת משמעת) and a detailed report will be included in your academic records. The minimal penalty for this type of offense is a grade of zero in the course. You might also be expelled from the university.
Nevertheless, it is allowed to consult with your peers, just make sure that you write the solution independently and based on your own understanding; copying is absolutely forbidden.

Appeals Guidelines

  1. You may appeal for no less than 10 points.
  2. Appeals must be submitted within a week after the homework is returned via the Submission System.
  3. You may appeal only in cases where you are convinced that you have answered correctly but your grade was reduced. Please do not appeal on our grading policy.

    Note that if the summing up the points is wrong, or if one of the answers was not checked by the grader, you may appeal for it to be fixed even if it is for less than 10 points.
    Please follow the same rules as above for submitting these types of appeals.

Assignment Forum

Each assignment will have a forum for questions. You will be able to post your questions. The following guidelines are for all forums:

  1. Before asking a question, try to search the site, or the forum for an existing answer.
  2. Do not give a complete or partial answer for an assignment question in the forum.
  3. Don't hesitate to ask questions or answer existing posts. The purpose of the forum is to help you.