Accepted Papers

Shlomi Dolev and Jennifer L. Welch,
`Self-Stabilizing Clock Synchronization in the Presence of Byzantine Faults'

Chengdian Lin and Janos Simon,
`Possibility and Impossibility Results for Self-Stabilizing Binary Clocks on Synchronous Rings'

Peter Gacs,
`Asynchronous fault-tolerant one-dimensional cellular automata'

Shlomi Dolev and Ted Herman,
`SuperStabilizing Protocols for Dynamic Distributed Systems'

Ming-Shin Tsai and Shing-Tsaan Huang,
`Self-stabilizing Ring Orientation Protocols'

Toshimitsu Masuzawa,
`A Fault-Tolerant and Self-Stabilizing Protocol for Topology Problem'

H. James Hoover,
`On the Self-Stabilization of Processors with Continuous States'

Sukumar Ghosh, Arobinda Gupta, Mehmet Hakan Karaata and Sriram V. Pemmaraju,
`Self-Stabilizing Dynamic Programming Algorithms on Trees'

Colette Johnen and Joffroy Beauquier,
`Distributed Self-stabilizing Depth-First Token Circulation with Constant Memory'

Takashi Amisaki, Yoshihiro Tsujino and Nobuki Tokura,
`Formal Derivation of a Probabilistically Self-Stabilizing Program: Leader Election on a Uniform Tree'

Hirotsugu Kakugawa and Masafumi Yamashita,
`Uniform Randomized Self-Stabilizing Mutual Exclusion on Unidirected Rings'

George Varghese, Anish Arora and Mohamed Gouda,
`Self-Stabilization by Tree Correction'

Joffroy Beauquier, Stephane Cordier, Sylvie Delaet,
`Optimum Probabilistic Self-Stabilization on Uniform Rings'

Jeffory Beauquier and Oliver Debas,
`An Optimal Self-Stabilizing Algorithms for Mutual Exclusion on Bidirectional non Uniform Rings'

Brian Bourgon and Ajoy Kumar Datta,
`A Self-Stabilizing Distributed Heap Maintenance Protocol'

Sandeep K. Shukla, Daniel J. Rosenkrantz and S. S. Ravi,
`Observations on Self-Stabilizing Graph Algorithms for Anonymous Networks'

Mohamed G. Gouda and Marco Schneider,
`Maximum Flow Routing'

I-Ling Yen and Farokh B. Bastani,
`A Highly Safe Self-Stabilizing Mutual Exclusion Algorithm'