Networking Seminar Artzi 2008

Cisco Systems, Netanya, Israel

29, May 2008, 11:30AM - 17:30PM


You are invited to join us for a Seminar Artzi on Networking hosted by Cisco Systems at Netanya. We hope to bring together researchers and technologists in networking and communications from the Israeli Academy and High-Tech industry for a half day seminar on networking.  The tradition for the seminars started with the Networking Seminar Artzi 2005. Download Presentations!

11:30 - 12:30 (60) Gathering & Lunch, provided on site


12:30 - 12:40 (10) Opening remarks

12:40 - 1:05   (25) Maximizing Restorable Throughput in MPLS Networks,

                              Gabi Nakibly (National EW Research Center)


1:05 - 1:30     (25) Clustering Ad-Hoc networks using local search,

                              Rachel Ben-Eliyahu (Ben Gurion University and JCE)

1:30 - 1:55    (25) Practical Belief Propagation in Wireless Sensor Networks,

                              Bracha Hod (Hebrew University)

1:55 - 2:05    (10) A Parallel Error Detection Scheme for TCAM Devices,

                             David Hay (Ben Gurion University)

2:05 - 2:15    (10) Statistical Approach to NoC Design,

                             Isaac Keslassy (Technion)

Break 2:15 - 2:45 (30)

2:45 - 3:10    (25) Evaluating the Vulnerability of Network Mechanisms to Sophisticated DDoS Attacks,

                             Udi Ben-Porat (Tel Aviv University)


3:10 - 3:35    (25) Cell Selection in 4G Cellular Networks,

                             Gabriel Scalosub (Tel Aviv University)


3:35 - 3:45   (10) How to Explore a Fast-Changing World

                            (Cover Time of a Simple Random Walk on Evolving Graphs),

                            Chen Avin (Ben Gurion University)

3:45 - 3:55   (10) What happens when protocols are used beyond their original intentions,

                            Elliot Jaffe (Hebrew University)

Break 3:55 - 4:20 (25)

4:20 - 4:45   (25) Noncooperative Transmission Scheduling and Power Control in Wireless Collision Channels,

                            Nahum Shimkin (Technion)

4:45 - 5:10   (25) Networked I/O for Virtual Machines: Approaches and Challenges,

                             Muli Ben-Yehuda (IBM HRL)

5:10 - 5:20   (10) Deniability: an Alibi for Users in P2P Networks,

                            Ofer Hermoni  (Ben Gurion University)

5:20 - 5:30  (10) Multi-level Routing and its application for Networking,

                            Tomer Tankel (Tel Aviv University)


Driving instructions:  1. See map,  2.  Cisco is also close to Beit-Yehoshua train station, 5 minutes taxi ride.


Parking instructions:  See the map to get to the corner of Gad Manela and HaMelacha St.  (Which is the north end of HaMelacha St.) In that corner enter (to the west) a parking floor which is under the Cisco building. Immediately after the guard turn left (*** ignore the sign "Parking for Minuyim only") and park around pillar 14 (AGAIN *** Ignore the sign "Cisco Parking" around pillar 3) Take the elevator to floor 1 (not Het-1) and enter Cisco.   Notice, coming from both south and north there is an exit from Haifa-Tel-Aviv Road #2 to Shalom Aleichem St., thus you do not have to go through the IKEA/Poleg intersection.


Looking forward to your participation in the seminar!


Shlomi Dolev  (Ben Gurion University)

Idit Keidar (Technion)

2008 Organizers