Description: Dinitz

Paper on Dinitz algorithm for max-flow finding


Research Interests

Selected Publications

Current teaching:

·  Design of Algorithms
·  Optimization, Matching, and Search Algorithms on Strings


Previous Teaching (selected):

·  Advanced Algorithms and Scientific Writing  

·  Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

·  Advanced Algorithms

·  Visual Algorithms (mini-project) - 98-00

·  Graduate Seminar - 99, 07, 12

Proposed topics for a B.Sc. project:

1.      Prediction of periodic access rush times for storage units, in a big storage system. Aim: The units expected to be heavily accessed during a certain time period are moved to the faster memory for that period.

·         A lot of REAL access logs are available, for studying them and simulation on them (a rare case, do not miss!).

·         Two students may be involved: one on Pattern Recognition thinking, mainly, and one on programming and visualizing the results, mainly.


Head, the Dept.’s Committee for grad students' research excellence


Other interests:


·  Kabbalah (Zoar - ARI - Baal Sulam - M. Laitman):

-- Bnej Baruch World Center for Kabbalah Studies: multi-lingual site

-- my old paper on Kabbalah (2003, in Russian): htm file

·  Hiking

·  Dancing