Critical Assessment of Fully Automated Structure Prediction

CAFASP3 model comparison utility

This service allows you to compare a 3D model with those obtained by the CAFASP3 servers.

In the entry form you need to:

  • Select a target from the menu.
  • Upload your 3D model (C-alphas or full atom). The sequence of the uploaded model should correspond to the sequence of the selected target and the numbering should start with the number 1 and be consecutive.
  • Choose a distance threshold (default=3.5A).
  • Press submit.
  • After a few seconds a table with the results of the comparison will appear. You can sort it by the different columns:
    • Column 1: Server name.
    • Column 2: RMS of all C-alphas.
    • Columns 3 to 6: MaxSub results:
      • Column 3: Size of superimposable subset.
      • Column 4: RMS of this superposition.
      • Column 5: MaxSub score.
      • Column 6: The MaxSub raw output of the pairwise comparison.


  • The uploaded model is compared only to the first model of each of the CAFASP3 servers, which were obtained from the data stored at the CAFASP meta-server.
  • The comparison is carried out using MaxSub, a sequence-dependant comparison tool.
  • If many zero results appear, most probably the uploaded model does not correspond to the selected target, or its numbering is not correct.
  • Questions, comments?
  • Do you wish to add a model of yours to the list of CAFASP3 servers' models?