Daniel Fischer

e-mail dfischer@cs.bgu.ac.il
* Current position:
Professor at Dept. Computer Science, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

* Areas of interest:
Bioinformatics track.

List of Publications.

Undergraduate students are accepted for studies in our bioinformatics track with the Computer Science department.
Graduate students with a B.Sc. in Computer Science are also accepted. Students with a B.Sc. or B.A. in another area are also accepted but are required to complete various courses from the B.Sc. curriculum.

My research is aimed at a better understanding of life at the molecular level using "in silico" or computational tools. The goal is to interpret the information encoded in biological macromolecules, from individual proteins to complete genomes. Currently part of my research concentrates on the assignment of three-dimensional structures to the proteins encoded in a genome, as well as identifying the most interesting targets for further computational and experimental studies. More details on the individual projects are available upon request.
Please contact me if you want to learn about the research projects currently available in my group. I accept graduate students who want to be fully dedicated to research and do not work elsewhere. In compensation, I do my best so my students receive the highest possible scholarships.





U.S. Fischer Lab at fischerlab.cse.buffalo.edu.