All chapters refer to the book :

  1. D. R. Stinson. CRYPTOGRAPHY: Theory and Practice. Third Edition. CRC Press. 2006.
Some parts are not covered by the book, references appear below.

Date Lecturer Topics Handouts and materials Chapter from textbook
22.10.13 Amos Introduction.    
23.10.13 Amos Classic encryptions and their cryptanalysis. Frequency Table
Vigenre Applet (from UCSD)
29.10.13 Amos Perfect encryption systems.   2.1-2.3
30.10.13 Amos Data Encryption Standard (DES). DES Specification 3.5
5.11.13 Amos Attacks on DES. Linear Cryptanalysis. ppt file 3.5
6.11.13 Amos Modes of Operations.
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

AES Animation, Fips 197
12.11.13 Amos Cryptographic hash functions. 4.1,4.2
13.11.13 Amos Message authentication, CBC-MAC, HMAC. [BCK] 4.4
19.11.13 Uri Basic number theory
20.11.13 Uri Basic number theory, GCD
26.11.13 Uri CRT, Euler's function
27.11.13 Uri Asymptotic distribution of the prime numbers, Textbook RSA
3-4.12.13 Amos Number theory, Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol
10.12.13 Uri ElGamal encryption system, DDH assumption
11.12.13 Uri Quadratic Residues and square roots
17.12.13 Uri Primality test algorithm, a (non-efficient) algorithm for the discrete logarithm problem, RSA digital signature scheme
18.12.13 Uri Digital Signatures: Rabin, ElGamal, DSA
24.12.13 Uri Database privacy and differential privacy dwork_cacm.pdf
25.12.13 Uri Properties of differential privacy, global sensitivity and the Laplace mechanism dwork_cacm.pdf
31.12.13 Uri Secret Sharing
01.01.14 Uri General Secret Sharing
07.01.14 Uri Private information retrieval PIR_survey.pdf
08.01.14 Amos MPC
14.01.14 Amos SSL, TLS
15.01.14 Amos Summary