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Useful resources

Exam Practice Questions for IR/Dataflow Analysis/Register Allocation

  1. Extending Sethi-Ullman for a Ternary Operator (PPTX) (PDF)
  2. Examples for questions on dataflow analysis and optimizations (PPTX) (PDF)
  3. Examples for questions on register allocation (PPTX) (PDF)
  4. Question on dataflow analysis from the 2013(a) exam and its solution.
  5. Question on dataflow analysis from 2013(b) exam and its solution.

Midterm Practice Questions for Scanning/Parsing

First set of exercises. Second set of exercises.


Python 3.3 standard library

Short python tutorial

How to get Python

How to get PyDev (python plugin for Eclipse)


JFlex documentation

How to get JFlex


CUP documentation

How to get CUP

Chez Scheme


How to get Chez Scheme

  • For Windows
  • For OSX
  • For RPM based Linux (Fedora, Red Hat, SUSE, etc.)
  • For APT based Linux distributions (Debian/Ubuntu derivatives):
    • Download the installation for RPM-based linux
    • Install Alien (if using a terminal, do sudo apt-get install alien)
    • Open a terminal
    • Navigate to the folder containing the RPM file (PetiteChezScheme-8.4-1.x86_64.rpm)
    • Run the command sudo alien -i PetiteChezScheme-8.4-1.x86_64.rpm