Selected Talks

  • Managing a Life that also Includes Research [slides]
    Logic Mentoring Workshop at FLOC (invited talk), 2022
  • Evidenced Frames: A Unifying Framework Broadening Realizability Models [talk]
    LICS, 2021
  • Non-well-founded Deduction for Induction and Coinduction [abstract]
    CADE (invited talk), 2021
  • Formally Computing with the Non-Computable [abstract]
    CiE -- Special session on Church’s thesis in constructive mathematics (invited talk), 2021
  • Effectful Proving (and Disproving) [abstract]
    Autumn school on Proof and Computation (invited talk), 2021
  • Is Intuitionistic Mathematics Compatible with Classical Logic? [abstract]
    NCMPL (invited talk), 2021
  • Building Effectful Realizability Models, Uniformly [talk]
    HoTT/UF (invited talk), 2020
  • Integrating Induction and Coinduction via Closure Operators and Proof Cycles [abstract, talk]
    IJCAR, 2020
  • Towards the Next Generation of Proof Assistants: Enhancing the Proofs–as–Programs Paradigm [abstract]
    CS Colloquium, Carnegie Mellon University, 2019
  • Cycles for Automating Induction [abstract, slides]
    Association for Symbolic Logic North American annual meeting (invited talk), 2018
  • Extending Church Turing Computability [slides]
    Summer School on Types, Sets and Constructions (guest lecture), 2018
  • A robust implementation of Axioms of Choice [abstract, slides]
    Logic Seminar, Cornell University, 2018
  • Enhancing the Proofs–as–Programs Paradigm with Modern Notions of Computation and Reasoning Techniques [abstract]
    Logic Colloquium, Carnegie Mellon University, 2018
  • Non-well-founded Proof System for Transitive Closure Logic [abstract]
    Women in Logic Workshop, 2018
  • A Minimal Predicative Framework for Formalizing Mathematics [abstract]
    Association for Symbolic Logic North American annual meeting, 2017
  • Predicative Mathematics via Safety Relations [abstract]
    Logic Colloquium, 2014
  • Intuitionistic Ancestral Logic [abstract]
    Proof, Structure and Computation Workshop, Affiliated with CSL-LICS, 2014
  • Ancestral Logic [abstract]
    Between First and Second Order Logic Workshop, Unilog, 2013