[-] LAB 7 TASK 1B
by roeyshlo - Thursday, 1 June 2017 18:46:52
trying to understand the following sentence

"Load into hexeditplus program memory, at address data_pointer, length bytes from filename starting from position location. "

what does that mean?
we need to open hexeditplus? is what does that mean to open it at address data pointer? what does <mem address> variable mean if we have the address in data pointer it seems to be redundant.

please explain on the example at the task page

by llutan - Monday, 5 June 2017 00:55:12
You need to load into memory (by reading from the given file) - specifically into the memory at address data_pointer - length bytes. You start reading at location.

• There's no reason to open the hexeditplus file, you're not reading anything from it. You're reading into your programs memory (i.e. hexeditplus's memory).
• You don't open anything at data_pointer, you store the data you loaded (from the given file) in the address data_pointer.
• mem-address is just a name for the prompt to the user. It's not a variable

I'm not sure how to explain this with an example. If it's still unclear, please try and focus your question so I can focus my answer on the issue better.