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SP lab

SP lab exam covers the same material as the 2 mid-term in previous years, examples below.

Printed and written material and/or simple calculators are allowed.

Disclaimer: the SP lab exam examples are verbatim from delivered exams, some contain minor errors that have been fixed during the exam. The markings on answers and their grade are also possibly incorrect. The examples are provided so that the general type of exam questions are made clear, and nothing beyond that.

Examples from first mid-term

  • 2 questions example
  • Examples from second mid-term

  • A partial exam.

    For final exam in architecture and SPlab

    Note: this exam is for people taking the "architecture and SPlab" course, and for those taking just "architecture", but not for those doing only "SPlab".

    Printed and written material and/or simple calculators are allowed.

    Material for exam: everything from lectures and TA sessions. Similar to previous years, except without pipeline, parallel architectures, and floating point. Also includes material from SP lab, as in the example mid-terms above.

  • Some questions from previous partial exam. Answers: Q1:5, Q2:10, Q3:detect one error, no error correction, Q4:correct, can now fix 1 error, Q5:d is incorrect, only b works as position-independent, Q10:OUT is incorrect for MMIO, Q11:only access to SI and DI allowed, Q12:b, Q13:c fails (register overwrite), Q15: depends on eax, Q16: a fails, QB1: (or al, 1), (xor ax, 0x0e), (sub al,0x0e), (shr ax, 4), (add al, -13) etc.