[-] lab4 - system_call function
by benarl - Monday, 11 April 2016 11:01:34

פונקציית ה-system_call שסיפקתם, עבור הארגומנטים sys_open , O_TRUNC, לא מבצעת כיווץ של הקובץ לגודל 0 (תווים מפעולות קודמות על הקובץ נשארים כתובים בו).

אשמח אם תוכלו לבדוק את הדבר ולתקן במידת הצורך.


Re: lab4 - system_call function
by hussien - Monday, 11 April 2016 15:48:56
It should work!
Which flags you tried?

Re: lab4 - system_call function
by shimony - Wednesday, 4 May 2016 15:41:58
I find it a bit amusing, as my name is not Linus Torvalds...

This is a Linux system call, and its functionality is defined and provided
by Linux system internals, and not by any of us...
Although some of us would have been honoured to have provided this...

Anyway, you need to carefully read the "man 2 open" for the functionality
w.r.t. the different flags, their interaction is not always immediately obvious.