[-] printing format
by shimanov - Saturday, 28 May 2016 16:59:08

in what format should we print?
1) >
2) calc:
[-] Re: printing format
by shimony - Sunday, 29 May 2016 13:03:17
Actually, I couldn't care less, perhaps Marina has a preference.
This should be "frontal checking" anyway, so this probably does not matter.

[-] Re: printing format
by sadetsky - Sunday, 29 May 2016 15:13:02
it should be exactly as it appears in the assignment definition example, with >>
Re: printing format
by waldr - Monday, 30 May 2016 18:59:09
Hey Marina,
In the assignment's instructions written: "The calculator prompt to the user is "calc: "".
So, what is the final answer? Does it really matter?