About Me

I Am a Ph.D student at the Computer Science Department at Ben Gurion University of the Negev.
After completing my B.sc. at BGU, I joined the Interdisciplinary Computational Vision Laboratory (iCVL). My research interests include:

Computational vision
Hyperspectral Imaging, Sparse Representation


Recent Achievements

  • European Machine Vision Association Young Professional Award (2017)
  • Teaching excellence award, BGU computer science department (2017)
  • Selected for GYSS-2017@One-North (Global Young Scientist Summit for outstanding PhDs).
  • Zlotowski Center for Neuroscience "Best research project of 2016 Academic Year".
  • Awarded The Negev Tsin Ph.D. scholarship for excellence (2016).
  • Awarded The Prat scholarship for excellence in research (2014).
  • Intel Award for academic excellence (2013).
  • Awarded the Zlotowski Center multidisciplinary research scholarship for honor students (2012-2014).
  • 2nd Place in Intel Israel's 2012 Student Programming Challenge
  • 1st Ranking Israeli team in EMC's Data Science Challenge

Contact information

Boaz Arad
Ben-Gurion University Of The Negev
Beer-Sheva, Israel.
Office: Alon building, Vision Lab (37/-103)
Email: email


Multi Spanner Web

For my undergraduate project, I created an exploratory test-bed for various geometric spanners.

This cross-platform web app may allow students to better understand the subject of geometric spanners. Researchers, on the other hand, may utilize it to test the behaviour spanners in various scenarios. You are invited to visit the web-app here.

BITeR - Bidirectional Image Text Reflow

As part of Prof. Ohad Ben-Shahar's Introduction to Computational and Biological Vision course Avi Hayoun and I designed a system to intelligently segment scanned texts for optimal display on any screen size.

You are invited to visit the web-app here, A short summary is also available on the course homepage.


Here are a few things you may find useful as a student at BGU:

Subversion and Eclipse - A slightly outdated guide to using subversion with eclipse (Hebrew). If you are a new student at the BGU CS department, I strongly recommend that you manage joint projects with subversion (SVN). It may take a while to get used to, but will save you countless hours of frustration later on.
If your code synchronization routine includes a "Disk-On-Key" and copious amounts of copy-pasting - you're doing it wrong...

Bootstrapped personal page - Graduate students and faculty members are expected to have a personal webpage, but who has the time to design and maintain one?
Don't let your personal page look like this. Instead you are invited to shamelessly copy this beautifully designed page, brought to you in a simple, single-html file package. A demo version and instructions can be found here. Alternatively you may just download the complete package: boot.zip.


While offline, I enjoy cycling, skating and photography.

I am a member of Israels national inline speed-skating team and have had the honor of representing our country in two world championships.

Since Beer-Sheva is not ideal for inline skating, you can often find me touring the desert hills around it along with the members of BGU-Bike cycling club.

You can view some of my photography over at Luxphile or Flickr.

For more information, feel free to visit my personal website at www.boazarad.com.