Rotem Mairon e-mail

Ph.D. Student

Ehud Barnea e-mail

Ph.D. Student

Boaz Arad e-mail

Ph.D. Student

Efrat Taig (Dubi) e-mail

Ph.D. Student

Gal Nir e-mail

M.Sc. Student

Shir Gur e-mail

M.Sc. Student

Lior Katz e-mail

Research affiliate

Ilan Kadar e-mail

Ph.D. (2014)

Research Topic:
From perceptual relations to scene gist recognition
Currently: Team leader at Cortica
Alik Mokeichev e-mail

Ph.D.. (2013)

Research Topic:
The geometry of color and its interactions in early and mid-level vision
Currently: R&D consultant.
Yair Adato e-mail

Ph.D. (2013)

Research Topic:
From specular shape reconstruction to complex motion estimation
Currently: Research leader at Trax Tech
Michal Shemesh e-mail

M.Sc. (2012)

Research Topic:
Active contours with free boundary conditions
Currently: Lecturer at Ben-Gurion University
Dolev Pomeranz e-mail

M.Sc. (2012)

Research Topic:
Fully autonnnomous square jigsaw puzzle solver
Currently: Algorithm Developer at Trax Tech
Guy Ben-Yosef e-mail

Ph.D. (2012)

Research Topic:
Curve Completion in the Tangent Bundle
Currently: Postdoc at the Weizmann Institute
Rami Ben Ari e-mail

Research Associate (2010)

Research Topic:
Fast and Robust Visual Tracking
Currently: Algorithms Engineer at Orbotech
Liana Diesendruck e-mail

M.Sc. (2010)

Research Topic:
Overt and Covert Attention Interaction with Curvature-based Perceptual Singularities
Currently: Research Programmer at NCSA
Hadassa Daltrophe e-mail

M.Sc. (2009)

Research Topic:
Curvature-based Statistics of Edge Co-occurence
Currently: Ph.D. at BGU (with Shlomi Dolev)
Maor Mishkin e-mail

M.Sc. (2008)

Research Topic:
Hierarchical Multitarget Tracking
Currently: Team Leader at DVTel
Moran Hirsh e-mail

M.Sc. (2007)

Research Topic:
Compact Texture Representation via Scale-space Dymanics
Currently: Software Engineer Mellanox
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