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Student Projects Instructions

What should your project be about...

In general, there are hardly any restrictions on what you can do for your project, as long as it is related to computational vision and involves at least minimal degree of original or critical thinking. For example, you may try to analyze and improve an existing computational method, or perhaps suggest a psychophysical inquiry of a visual perceptual phenomenon. Application of class material to other disciplines, or coping with issues presented in class with ideas or tools from other disciplines are particularly welcome.

What do you need to submit...

Your final projects, and the material you need to submit, must include several items

  • A printed (hardcopy) report which describes your work in detail, including your ideas and goals, course of action, implementation (if applicable), results, and conclusions.
  • A web presentation as explained below.
  • a 10 minute oral presentation.
  • A piece of code or computer program (if applicable).

How to submit your report...

Simply drop your printed report in my mailbox by the due date. Hand written reports will not be accepted . You can use any of the many word processing packages available (Word, Latex, OpenOffice, etc...).

Typically, projects will be submitted and presented in the last week of exam period. Of course, it would be foolish of you to wait for exam period to begin your project. Start early (middle of the semester is probably a good time to begin) and work you project continuously during the semester.

How to submit your web presentation...

I will only accept web presentations submitted as follows.

Prepare a fully self contained web content (be it a single html file, or a collection of htmls, images, java applets, what have you) in a directory having the following name


where the year (4 digits, e.g., '2006'), the semester number (either '1' or ' 2'), and your name are inserted properly. When specifying student names Capitalize both first and last names of each student in the list. For example, if a project is done by the two students Bill Clinton and George Bush , their project directory name would look like


Of course, if the project is done by one, three, or any other approved number of students, the list of names should adjust accordingly. Make sure to name your project's home page as index.html . You are required to use this template html file as the skeleton for your project page (later it will be embedded inside the course envelope). Avoid using web creation tools and edit the template html file with a text editor (vi, emacs, etc...). If you are not familiar with html, consult one of the many tutorials available on the web (for example, here).

Also include in your project's directory printable files of your report (PDF, DOC, etc...) and your oral presentation slides (PDF, PPT, etc... if applicable). As you can see in the template html, these files should be referenced from your project page.

After your web presentation is ready and checked (simply open the index.html file in your browser and make sure all the links are alive and all graphics and images are correctly integrated), compress the directory (ZIP/gzip/tar the entire directory such that when it is extracted the directory with the above name is also created and all files are extracted in it!!) and email me this one file as a single attachment via email. Use the subject line "ICBV - project web presentation".


Project grades will be determined based on all of the following (somewhat subjectively evaluated) factors:

  • Originality and depth (the degree you have incorporated original, creative, and critical thinking).
  • Use of literature sources, references, etc...
  • Implementation (how well you have implemented your ideas into a workable piece of code).
  • 10 minutes oral presentation (how well you have managed to explain your project in the allotted time)
  • Report (how well you have managed to describe your project, to argue for its importance, and to show convincing results)