Last update: 05 - 05 - 2016 (d-m-y).

About Me

I am a PhD student at the Computer Science Department at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. My advisors are Ofer Neiman and Robert Krauthgamer.

My research interest is theoretical computer science. More specifically: Metric Spaces, Low-Distortion Embeddings, Randomized Algorithms and Approximation.

Contact information

Arnold Filtser
Ben-Gurion University Of The Negev
Beer-Sheva, Israel.
Office: -109/37
Phone: +972-8-6477823
Email: arnoldf at cs dot bgu dot ac dot il
Box: 28

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This would be a good place to list past and present projects you are involved in. If you have none, you can hide this tab by editing the #navbar section of the index.html. Below is a sample template for projects:

Laser Based Mosquito Assassination

There are probably better ways to control mosquito infestation, but this is by far the most awesome way.

Circular Sawblade Slingshot

A slingshot that shoots circular sawblades, need I say more?



Why not stroke your academic ego a little and list honors, awards and scholarships you have received?
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  • 2012 "Dance Your Ph.D" Contest winner
  • Member of the worlds largest multiple-player-single-guitar band
  • Generally awesome

Best Relative Award

The Best Relative Award is given annually by the Filtser family cooperation*, to a family member of the Filtser family, as recognition for great investment and donation to the family.

Best Relative Award Laureates:

  • 2015 - Emi Filtser - for successful graduating from high school.
  • 2014 - Yosi Filtser - for successful discharging from the military (and staying alive).
  • 2013 - Naama Filtser - for being born.
  • 2012 - Omrit Filtser - for creating an infrastructure for the family to spread and multiply.

*The head and sole member of the Filtser family cooperation is Arnold Filster.


I am married to Omrit Filtser (who is also in theory!), and father of Naama Filtser (do visit her homepage!).

My hobbies are skiing, taekwondo, wines, Judaism and role playing games.