Selected presentations of the last 5 years:

Constrained Search by Selfish Agents for Efficient Equilibria (CP-2018, Lille)

Incentive based Search by Selfish Agents (Invited talk, OptMAS-2018, Stokholm)

Distributed Search by  Self-interested Agents (thoughts & results) (University of New Mexico, 2015)

Efficient equilibria in a Public Goods Game (IAT-2015, Singapore)


Dynamically ordered ABT (CP-2005)

Asynchronous forward-bounding (ECAI-2006) 

Asynchronous Partial Overlay Revisited (IAT 2007)

DCOP Performance (DCR-2008)

Retroactive ordering for ABT (Udine/Trento 2009)

Tutorial - Distributed Search by Constrained Agents  (IJCAI-2009 Pasadena)







Distributed Search by
Constrained Agents
Algorithms, Performance, Communication