Useful Links

The web contains a lot of useful information which can assist you in coping with this course material. Some sites offer applets and some detailed examples. On this page we provide you with some useful links that are worth a visit.

If you have a great link, do not hesitate to send it to!!!

  1. Previous exams is where you can find exams and midterms from previous years (you need to login with your BGU password).

  2. Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures is an extensive collection of algorithms and keyword definitions not to be missed.

  3. Kruskal and Prim - good applets that demonstrate these algorithms for computing an MST.

  4. There are numerous articles and examples for the dynamic programming technique, which are worth looking at for better understanding.
    1. A great introductionary tutorial can be found here .
    2. A nice article demonstrating the computation of Fibonacci Numbers and Matrix Chain Multiplication problem.
    3. One more tutorial for Dynamic Programming.

  5. Dijkstra - a great applet for the Dijkstra shortest path algorithm.

  6. An applet for various graph algorithms, including Floyd-Warshall, Belmman-Ford and Ford-Fulkerson and max flow

  7. Dinitz Algorithm
  8. A demonstration of an endless Ford-Fulkerson execution

  9. P vs. Np
  10. A proof of the shortest paths tree property of a generic Relax-based algorithm.

  11. Proof of Kosaraju-Sharir.