Submission Guidelines

  1. Use the answer sheet for your submission. Do not exceed the space provided.
  2. If you edit the answer sheet in doc format, your font must be Times New Roman of size at least 12pt.
  3. The submission is to mailbox #95 or #96 at the entrance floor (0) in building 37 (near Sigal's office).
  4. The submission is until 11:59:59 AM (noon) on the day of the deadline.
  5. Submission times are strict, submitting "only five minutes late" may result in a zero grade for your assignment.
  6. We encourage you to submit in pairs.
  7. Exemption requests MUST be sent to!
  8. You must submit a scanned copy to the submission system.
  9. Submitted hard copies should be stapled pages only, avoid using folders, transparencies or wrappers of any kind.

Publish Date Submission Date TA in charge
Assignment 1 17/3 30/3 Gal
Assignment 2 30/3 14/04 Pnina
Assignment 3 14/04 10/5 Tomer
Assignment 4 22/5 5/6 Ariel
Assignment 5 2/6 16/6 Oren
Assignment 6 16/6 30/6 Yehonatan

Submission System

You are required to submit a scanned copy to the submission system for two reasons:
  1. Backup in case of lost assignments.
  2. Grade publication.

Physical submission to the course mailbox is MANDATORY and exemptions will not be granted. If you cannot be on campus on submission day in time to submit your work, either submit it earlier, or have a friend print it out and submit it for you.

Note that while your grade should not be penalized for neglecting to submit a scanned copy to the submission system, the following may occur:

  • Lost assignments will receive a zero grade.
  • Your grades will not be published in the submission system, and you will rely on our graders excellent bookkeeping skills in order for your grade to be recorded correctly. Assignment grades will not be updated retroactively, as without a digital submission it is impossible to verify the authenticity of a graded paper.

If your physically submitted assignment differs from the one uploaded to the submission system, you will be graded according to the former. Be sure to verify that your work has printed correctly.

Please note that if you have a partner, you must open a submission group and add you partner to it BEFORE the assignment deadline. The course staff will not correct partial submission groups.

Do not submit assignments via email
Please to not attempt to submit your assignment to the course email address, unless specifically instructed to do so. Unapproved email submissions will be deleted immediately.

Returning Assignments

Graded assignments can be found in mailbox 62 and 63 at the entrance floor (0) in building 37. These mailboxes will be unlocked and accessible at all times. Please make sure to pick up your assignment before the following assignment is returned, as these mailboxes will be purged of unclaimed assignments once the following assignment is returned.