Message No. 149
Moed B2 Grades Published in the Submission System
Moed B2 grades are now visible in the submission system, these are your final course grades, test grades and assignment component grades are visible in the "grader notes" section. Appeals to these grades should be submitted only via the test appeal system* - you may only appeal an incorrect test grade, or incorrect calculation of your final grade based your "Final Assignment Grade" as it appears in the submission system. Assignment grade appeals are no longer accepted. As per the "Zuk-Eitan" special consideration policy, your final grade is based on the best of your exam grades.

A 12 point bonus to the grade of Moed B2 was granted to all students who took it, the grades in the submission system include this correction, fractional grades were rounded up.

Final Grade Distribution

(zero grades are non-attendance)

* students who received test exceptions due to extended reserve duty (and only them), may contact the course e-mail in case of grade errors.

published on 28/10/2014 17:14:25 by Boaz Arad