Message No. 137
Moed A Grades Published
Final course grades are now available in the submission system for students that have attended Moed A. Your aggregate assignment grade and test grade appear in the "Grader Note" field. Please review the updated grade composition announced on 24/08/2014 and note that you must pass the test in order to pass the course. If your test grade is under 56, your test grade will be your final grade.


Any appeals to your test/final grade should be submitted only to through the regular test appeal system, this includes errors in grade calculation. Once your scanned test notebooks are available you will have three days to submit your appeals, please be sure to submit them on time as extensions will not be granted (excluding those mandated by university regulations).

While university regulations prevent course staff from discussing your appeals before they are submitted, the test questionnaire and an example solution will be available in the Exams section shortly.

published on 08/09/2014 13:25:48 by Boaz Arad