Message No. 135
Special consideration for students who were called for reserve duty
The department has decided to give special consideration to students who have served (or are still serving) very long terms of reserve duty. Students who have served such terms of reserve duty should contact Prof. Avraham Feintuch from the department of mathematics in order to be considered.

Students who are found eligible for special consideration will receive a final grade equal to their assignment grade. If such students have attended the midterm AND their midterm grade is greater than their assignment grade, their final grade will be comprised of 70% - midterm grade, 30% assignment grade (The midterm is a "magen").

Update: Please do not contact Prof. Feintuch requesting an exemption unless you have served a long period of reserve duty. Also, any requests to "vaadat horaa" should be made through the students office in the standard procedure for all requests, please do not contact the committee chair via e-mail or in person, as he will be unable to assist you without a formally submitted request.

published on 26/08/2014 10:43:05 by Boaz Arad