Message No. 133
Update to components of final grade
Due to the continued conflict, which has disrupted many students ability to study, the course staff has decided to reduce the weight of the final exam in the course grade to 70%.

As long as you receive a passing grade (>56), the exam grade will comprise 70% of your final grade, and your assignment grade will comprise the remaining 30%. In order to avoid unnecessary grade reductions, students that scored higher in the exam than on their assignment grade will receive a final grade based only on their exam grade (the assignments will be a "magen").

So, to reiterate:

If [exam_grade] > 56
   [final grade] = max([exam_grade],0.7*[exam_grade]+0.3*[assignment_grade])
   [final_grade] = [exam grade]

And yes, if it was not abundantly clear from the above you must pass the exam in order to pass the course.

published on 24/08/2014 11:55:54 by Boaz Arad