Message No. 125
Final grade updates
Due to student requests your final grade calculation has been slightly altered as follows:

If the combined grade of your exam+midterm is greater or equal to 55.5 (as opposed to 56), your assignments will be taken into account while calculating your final grade. Otherwise your exam+midterm grade will be your final grade.

Final grades are rounded to the nearest integer and students with a final grade of 55 are "bumped up" to a passing grade of 56. Therefore the minimum requirement for a passing grade is a combined exam+midterm component of at least 54.5+epsilon.

The "Grader note" field in the submission system has been updated to reflect the components used in your grade calculation (exam+midterm vs. exam, assignments and midterm).

Best of luck to those attending Moed B!

published on 04/08/2013 14:16:46 by Boaz Arad