office hours - Moed C
If my help is needed before Moed C - Please contact me by e-mail.


published on 10/09/2013 14:07:30 by Ran Taig
שעות קבלה לפני מועד ג
אני אקיים שעות קבלה ביום שני הקרוב, בשעות 16:00-18:00.


published on 10/09/2013 13:10:02 by אורי שטמר
Moed B appeals - grades published
Your final course grades after appeals have been published in the submission system.
published on 21/08/2013 19:06:04 by Boaz Arad
Moed B appeals
Moed Beit tests are currently being scanned and as always, you may appeal your test grade. Before doing so, please review this list of common mistakes. While considering appeals, the whole question under appeal may be rechecked and points may also be reduced - so make sure your claims are correct and well grounded before you appeal.

Appeals must be submitted through the appeals system, not the cours mailbox (excluding grade calculation errors - in which case, see the announcement below). Appeals must be submitted within 72 hours of test publication, late appeals will not be considered.

Enjoy your summer vacation!

published on 13/08/2013 11:38:25 by Boaz Arad
Final course grades published - check your grade!
Final course grades have been uploaded to the submission system please be sure to check your final grade whether you attended "Moed Beit" or not.

The components of your grade are listed under the "grader note" field in the submission system. If an error has occured in your grade calculation, please contact the course mailbox before midnight 17.08.2013. Be sure to read the grade calculation policy thoroughly before you do so (as listed on the main page). Appeals received after the 17th will not be accepted.

published on 13/08/2013 11:17:44 by Boaz Arad
Final grade updates
Due to student requests your final grade calculation has been slightly altered as follows:

If the combined grade of your exam+midterm is greater or equal to 55.5 (as opposed to 56), your assignments will be taken into account while calculating your final grade. Otherwise your exam+midterm grade will be your final grade.

Final grades are rounded to the nearest integer and students with a final grade of 55 are "bumped up" to a passing grade of 56. Therefore the minimum requirement for a passing grade is a combined exam+midterm component of at least 54.5+epsilon.

The "Grader note" field in the submission system has been updated to reflect the components used in your grade calculation (exam+midterm vs. exam, assignments and midterm).

Best of luck to those attending Moed B!

published on 04/08/2013 14:16:46 by Boaz Arad
Michal's office hours on Sunday, 4.8
Will be held at 11:00-13:00, instead of 9:00-11:00.
published on 03/08/2013 22:26:31 by Michal Shemesh
Notes on appeals
Please note that if your appeal was granted, your grade will be presented without the 8 point bonus, your final course grade will be updated to reflect the updated grade and bonus once all appeals are reviewed.

Additionally, due to technical issues with the new appeal system, appeal notes on Q2a and Q3b may be incomplete, if you require clarification for the appeal decision regarding these questions, please e-mail the course mailbox with a subject line reading "Q2/Q3 Appeal clarification" and be sure to include your personal details.

published on 01/08/2013 21:08:47 by Boaz Arad
Moed A appeals
Appeals are being reviewed at moment and replies should be available today or tomorrow (either way they will be published more than 48 hours before Moed B).

Therefore you should not expect the option of the "best of both grades" while attending moed B.

published on 01/08/2013 16:38:46 by Boaz Arad
Office hHours preceding Moed B - UPDATED AGAIN
Staff office hours will be as follows:

Lecturer/TA Day Hour Comments
Boaz Arad Sunday 28.7 1600-1800
Gal Amram Monday 29.7 0900-1200
Martin Kahil Monday 29.7 1000-1200
Yoav Wednesday 31.7 1000-1200
Yehonatan Thursday 1.8 1100-1300
Igor Thursday 1.8 1200-1400
Uri Zoran Thursday 1.8 1300-1500
Igor Thursday 1.8 1610-1710
Michal Shemesh Friday 2.8 1000-1200
Michal Shemesh Sunday 4.8 1100-1300
Igor Sunday 4.8 1400-1600

Please check back here often, as additional session will be announce and overlapping hours may be rescheduled.

published on 31/07/2013 17:39:39 by Michal Shemesh
Moed B title page has been updated
Please review the updated version of the exam title page, as information has been added to it.
published on 30/07/2013 12:28:24 by Boaz Arad
Final course grade correction
Some students final course grade was calculated with an incorrect midterm grade (most often 0), corrections have been made. Please review your final grade.
published on 29/07/2013 18:06:59 by Boaz Arad
Final course grades
Final course grades are available in the submission system.

If you believe your grade has been miscalculated, please send an e-mail to the course mailbox.

Since the appeal period for your final assignment garde has passed, appeals/update requests for assignment grades will no longer be considered. Any requests for correction of your final assignment grade (excluding, of course, discrepancies between your published final assignments grade, and the grade used in your final course grade calculation. Appeals containing a request for adjustment of your final assignment grade will be automatically discarded.

You may appeal your final course grade until 5.8.2013.

published on 29/07/2013 16:59:50 by Boaz Arad
Test Grades and Appeals
Test grades for "Moed A" have been published in the submission system.

You may note that a bonus of 8 points was added to your original test grade.

Appeals should be submitted through the university's new appeals system. Before submitting an appeal please read and understand the official solution for the question you are appealing. Please consider your work carefully before appealing, as the question you appeal will be reviewed thoroughly and points may be reduced.

Incorrectly submitted appeals will not be considered, extensions to the appeal period will not be granted.

published on 29/07/2013 13:04:59 by Boaz Arad
Moed A solution + Assignment Grade Appeals
The official solution of Moed A has been posted on the Exams page. You are welcome to review it.

Assignment grade appeals are currently under review and updated grades will be published shortly, if you have already submitted an appeal to the course mailbox, please do not submit additional appeals. If you have not yet reviewed your final assignment grade, please do so now, as appeals submitted after today will not be considered.

As mentioned earlier, updated midterm grades (due to accepted appeals, etc.) will be published along with the final course grades. You will have a chance to appeal your final course grade during the Moed A appeal period.

published on 22/07/2013 14:58:31 by Boaz Arad
Midterm Grades
Updated midterm grades (due to accepted appeals, etc.) will be published along with exam grades.
published on 20/07/2013 12:35:07 by Boaz Arad
ערעור על רכיב העבודות בציון
במקרה של ערעור על חישוב רכיב העבודות בציון, יש לציין שם מלא ותעודת זהות של המערער והשותף לעבודות בהם הציון שגוי/חסר.

פניות שאינן כוללות פרטים אלו לא יענו.

published on 15/07/2013 15:35:34 by Boaz Arad
Final assignment grades
Final assignment grades are available in the submission system. Please review them.

Grades were calculated using the best 5 out of 6 assignments. If you were authorized an exemption from an assignment ("Ptor"), your grade will be calculated by the best 4 out of 5. If you were authorized two exemptions, your grade will be calculated by the best 3 out of 4 etc.

All assignment grades appear in the grade notes for your final assignments grade, exemptions are listed as "PTOR".

Contact The course mailbox for any problems / questions regarding your grade until 22.7, no appeals of your assignment grade will be accepted past this date. Please note that the appeal period for assignments 1-5 has passed. No further appeals for these assignments will be accepted.

published on 14/07/2013 14:00:50 by Boaz Arad
Assignment 6 and Exam handouts
Assignment 6 grades have been uploaded to the submission system.

Your graded assignments are available at the pick up area.

Additionally, the exams page has been updated with the exam handout, good luck.

published on 13/07/2013 23:32:30 by Boaz Arad
Exam pages and assignment grades
You may now view information regarding the exam on the Exams page - please review it.

Your final assignments grade will be published by the exam date, please make sure your grades appear correctly in the submission system. If you have received written confirmation of a "ptor", you may still have a 0 grade in the submission system, this is normal, please do not send any additional emails regarding this, as it makes our server-hamsters cry.

Once published, you will have three days to appeal your final assignment grade in case of calculation errors, please be sure to check your grade on time as we will not make corrections to the grades following the appeal period.

Best of luck with the exams!

published on 11/07/2013 17:45:43 by Boaz Arad
שעות קבלה בפורום כיתתי
אהלן, ביום ראשון הקרוב, 14.7, אקיים שעות קבלה בפורום כיתתי בשעות 10:00 עד 13:00, במקום בבניין 72, בכיתה 486 אשר נמצאת בקומה הסתרים הקסומה של בניין זה. בתוכנית: אני עונה על שאלות שתשלחנה אליי למייל עד שבת ב-16:00.

כמו כן לא אקיים שעות קבלה במהלך השבוע.


published on 11/07/2013 11:15:20 by Yehonatan Cohen
Staff Office Hours Preceding the Exam
Staff office hours will be as follows:

Lecturer/TA Day Hour Comments
Michael Elkin Tuesday 9.7 1000-1200
Igor Mishsky Wednesday 10.7 1100-1300
Boaz Arad Wednesday 10.7 1400-1600
Michal Shemesh Thursday 11.7 0830-1030
Eden Chlamtac Thursday 11.7 1200-1400
Uri Zoran Thursday 11.7 1600-1800
Gal Amram Friday 12.7 0900-1200
Ilan Orlov Sunday 14.7 1200-1400
Yehonatan Cohen Sunday 14.7 1000-1300 Building 72/ Room 486
Uri Stemmer Sunday 14.7 1600-1800
Martin Kahil Monday 15.7 1200-1400
Michal Shemesh Monday 15.7 0830-1030
Ran Taig Monday 15.7 1240-1500 Mainly, for questions on the first half of the course
Michael Elkin Tuesday 16.7 1000-1200
Igor Mishsky Tuesday 16.7 1600-1800
Uri Zoran Tuesday 16.7 1600-1800

Please check back here often, as additional session will be announce and overlapping hours may be rescheduled.
published on 08/07/2013 13:26:58 by Boaz Arad
Michal's office hours
I'll hold office hours this week on Thursday, 4/7/13, 10:00-12:00.
published on 03/07/2013 12:17:06 by Michal Shemesh
Office Hours
Today's office hours will start at 15:00 instead of at 14:00.
published on 03/07/2013 06:19:18 by Uri Zoran
Assignment 6 solution published
published on 01/07/2013 02:38:09 by Yoav Fekete
שעות קבלה בשבוע הקרוב
אהלן, שעות הקבלה שלי בשבוע הקרוב יתקיימו ביום ג' (2.7), 12:00 - 14:00 במקום יום ב' (1.7). שבת שלום, יהונתן.
published on 27/06/2013 14:25:42 by Yehonatan Cohen
Assignment 5 Solution
The solution to assignment 5 has been published and can be found in the assignment page.
Also, please read the info note regarding question 3b (big text box with green background), which can also be found in the assignment page.
published on 27/06/2013 10:41:17 by Uri Zoran
Please note the updated reduction proofs in the announcement below
published on 27/06/2013 09:50:42 by Boaz Arad
Reductions taught in class
Depending on which lecture you attended, you may have seen a reduction from the Vertex-Cover problem to the Subset-Sum problem (SUSU) or reduction from the 3SAT problem to the Subset-Sum problem.

You are required to be familiar with at least one of the above proofs (you are not required to know both). Class notes on both of them will be available shortly.


Vertex-Cover >p Subset Sum

3SAT >p Subset Sum

published on 25/06/2013 11:43:20 by Boaz Arad
שתי הודעות
סטודנטים יקרים,

1. השבוע בהרצאות נעביר לכם, בין השאר, את ההוכחה של משפט קוק-לוין.

להבדיל משנים קודמות, החומר הזה אינו חומר רשות והוא נכלל בחומר הקורס. הבחינה עשויה לכלול שאלה בנושא זה, כמו על כל נושא אחר בקורס.

2. תרגול ההשלמה הינו גם חלק מהקורס. סטודנטים שלא ביקרו באחד מתרגולי ההשלמה בשבוע שעבר מוזמנים לתרגול ביום שני בשעה שש בניין 34 חדר 116

published on 23/06/2013 15:11:12 by Ilan Orlov
Assignment 4 Grades
Assignment 4 grades have been published in the submission system.

Your graded work is now available at the pick up area.

published on 21/06/2013 17:57:17 by Boaz Arad
Office Hours
This week only, my office hours will take place tomorrow starting at 15:00 (instead of 14:00) and until 16:00. If needed, you may e-mail me to set up additional office hours for this Thursday.
published on 19/06/2013 01:09:53 by Uri Zoran
Igor's office hours
I will hold my office hours on Thursday between 10:00-12:00 instead of Wednesday 12:00-14:00.
published on 18/06/2013 22:24:06 by Igor Mishsky
Assignment 3 Grades Published
Assignmnet 3 grades should now be visible to you in the submission system.

The graded assignments have been placed in the pick-up area at building 37.

published on 17/06/2013 10:40:51 by Boaz Arad
תזכורת: הזזת קבוצת התרגול של יום ב', 16:00 - 18:00
אהלן, מזכיר שהתרגול אשר אמור להתקיים מחר (יום ב') בשעות 16:00 - 18:00, יתקיים באופן חד-פעמי ביום שלישי בשעות 12:00 - 14:00, בבניין 26, חדר 6. להית'
published on 16/06/2013 21:18:29 by Yehonatan Cohen
שינוי שעות קבלה עד סוף הסמסטר
שעות הקבלה שלי השתנו לשבועים הקרובים ויתקימו בימי ג 12-14


published on 16/06/2013 14:35:21 by Yoav Fekete
שעות קבלה
באופן חד פעמי, שעות הקבלה שלי ביום א' ה 16.6 יתקיימו ב 14-16 במקום 9-11.


published on 15/06/2013 10:10:42 by Gal Amram
Assignment 6 published
Assignment 6 has been published and is available here.

Good luck.

published on 13/06/2013 14:11:05 by Yoav Fekete
Additional practical sessions
In order to properly cover the subject of complexity, we will be holding additional practical session at the times/dates:

Day Room Hours
19/6 34/110 1800-2000
20/6 28/308 0800-1000
20/6 32/210 0800-1000
20/6 28/203 1400-1600
20/6 34/18 1700-1900
24/6 34/116 1800-2000

You should attend this session only after you have attended your regular session next week (16-20/06), as it will build upon the material shown there.

Please note that this extra session covers fundamental course material, all students are expected to attend. Among other things, the topics covered by this PS are essential to solving HW assignment 6.

published on 13/06/2013 10:36:15 by Boaz Arad
הזזת קבוצת תרגול באופן חד-פעמי
אהלן חברים, קבוצת התרגול המתוכננת ליום שני הקרוב (17.6) בשעות 16:00 - 18:00 תועבר באופן חד-פעמי ליום שלישי (18.6) לשעות 12:00 - 14:00. התרגול יתקיים בבניין 26, כיתה 6. נתראה בשמחות.
published on 12/06/2013 17:45:26 by Yehonatan Cohen
Igor's office hours
I will hold my office hours on Wednesday between 14:00-16:00 instead of 12:00-14:00.
published on 11/06/2013 22:55:17 by Igor Mishsky
Michal's office hours
My office hours are canceled today - Monday 10.6.13. I'll hold my office hours tomorrow as usual.


published on 10/06/2013 05:51:45 by Michal Shemesh
Assignment 5 deadline postponed
The deadline of assignment 5 has been postponed to Sunday the 16th at a minute to midnight (16.06.2013 23:59:00).

Please note that due to this long delay we will be very strict in enforcing the deadline.

Additional delay requests due to personal issues/academic stress will be ignored, late submissions will receive a zero grade.

Good luck!

published on 09/06/2013 18:14:14 by Boaz Arad
Additional office hours
In addition to my regular office hours on Wednesday, I will hold additional office hours this week - tomorrow (Monday) at 14:00.
published on 09/06/2013 15:49:36 by Uri Zoran
Assignmnet 2 grades now visible in the submission system
An issue with the submission system has been resolved, you should now be able to see your assignments 2 grades.

Please contact the course mailbox if you have any trouble.

published on 09/06/2013 09:56:32 by Boaz Arad
The Edmonds-Karp example
As promised, the example I used in class can be found here.
Note that in class I said that all capacities are 1, which simplified the example. This one is a bit more complex.
published on 06/06/2013 15:22:30 by Ramzi Kahil
Assignment 4 solution
The solution for assignment 4 can be found here
published on 06/06/2013 14:14:35 by Ramzi Kahil
Appeals of Assignment 2
I have checked and put them in the returning area.
published on 06/06/2013 09:07:19 by Igor Mishsky
ביטול שעות קבלה חד פעמי
ביום ד 5.6 השעות קבלה שלי לא יתקימו באופן חד פעמי אמכם הסליחה
published on 05/06/2013 01:13:05 by Yoav Fekete
חלון הגשה חד פעמי לעבודה 4
שלום, אתם מוזמנים לשים בתא את עבודה ארבע עד יום רביעי בשתים עשרה בצהריים המטרה היא שהבודקים שלנו יבדקו את העבודות שאולי לא הספקתם להגיש ושתקבלו פידבק

להבא, תזכרו בבקשה שברירת המחדל היא הגשה בשתים עשרה בצהריים

published on 04/06/2013 18:27:16 by Ilan Orlov
Late submit FAQ
  • Assignment submission to the course mailbox is mandatory.
  • Excluding extraordinary circumstances (medical emergencies, Miluim etc.) extensions will not be granted once once the submission deadline has passed. "I was out of town"\I didn't notice the deadline" is not considered an "extraordinary circumstance".
  • Late submissions will not be accepted, period. The grade for a late submission is 0.
  • Digital submission to the submission system is used in case of appeals and/or lost assignments. If, due to technical difficulties, your submission to the SS is a few minutes late - we will usually accept the submission in case of appeal - though this will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
  • "Digital Only" submissions (i.e. to the SS only, not the course mailbox) will not be accepted without prior authorization before the assignment deadline.
  • As long as your assignment has been submitted on time in printed form - it will be graded. If your submission to the SS was unsuccessful - you may lose the right to appeal.
  • No, you may not have an extension of just a few more hours/days for assignment 4 since the original deadline was already postponed by 4 days.
  • If you are unable to submit an assignment due to time constraints/course workload/tests etc. please remember that you may submit 5 out of 6 homework assignments without penalty.

E-mails sent to the course mailbox/TA's covered by the above answers will not be replied to individually.

Please note that while the course staff make every effort to reply to e-mails in a timely manner, we cannot guarantee our availability outside regular working hours (i.e. 0800-1800 from Sunday to Thursday). If you require assistance from the course staff/want to receive a deadline extension - please be sure to do so a reasonable amount of time before the deadline.

published on 02/06/2013 14:14:59 by algo132
Boaz Arad's office hours today
Boaz Arad's office hours may begin somewhat later than usual today.
published on 02/06/2013 13:59:12 by Boaz Arad
Michal's office hours
This week (2.6-7.6) I'll be holding my office hours on Sunday, 13:00-15:00, instead of Monday and Tuesday.
published on 31/05/2013 17:25:25 by Michal Shemesh
Discrepancies between printed and submitted assignments
Due to recent events - please note that if the printed assignment submitted to the course mailbox differs significantly from the file uploaded to the submission system - appeals will not be considered.
published on 30/05/2013 18:33:41 by Boaz Arad
Assignment 5 published
Assignment 5 has been published and is available here.

Good luck.

published on 30/05/2013 12:00:03 by Boaz Arad
Office hours
I will have office hours today between 15:00 -16:00 instead of 13:00-14:00.
published on 29/05/2013 12:30:21 by Igor Mishsky
Assignment 4 deadline postponed.
The deadline for assignment 4 has been postponed to 2.6.

Please note that assignment 5 will be published on the 29th as planned, and its submission date will not be postponed and delay requests for assignment 5 due to its proximity to assignment 4's deadline will be ignored.

Students are reminded that the HW component of the course grade is computed using the 5 best assignment grades out of 6, so you may skip the submission of an assignment without affecting your grade.

published on 27/05/2013 16:18:33 by Boaz Arad
Ran's office hours - cancellation
Dear students

As I finished my part in the course my office hours are canceled until the end of the semester.
My e-mail availability during June will be very limited.
I'll let you know on updated office hours before your exam.

I wish you much luck in the rest of the course


published on 27/05/2013 10:59:30 by Ran Taig
שעות קבלה
אהלן, שעות הקבלה שלי מחר תתקימנה בשעות 14:00 - 16:00. יהונתן.
published on 26/05/2013 13:32:37 by Yehonatan Cohen
Class Rescheduled
Instead of my wednesday practical session which was canceled because of Yum Hasdudent ,I will hold it on Sunday between 16:00-18:00 at 28 106. Take note that the practical session will be on DDFS,Topological Sort and Gscc (practical session 7).
published on 23/05/2013 22:42:46 by Igor Mishsky
Midterm Grades available on the submission system.
You may now view the midterm grades on the submission system.

Average grade (among those who took the test) was ~71.

Grade distribution:

(zero grades represent non-attendance)

published on 22/05/2013 19:09:29 by Boaz Arad
Class Rescheduled - Group 2 (Ilan Orlov)
Ilan Orlov's lecture for group 2 (1000-1200) this Tuesday will be given by Michal Shemesh at room 306, building 32 along with group 4.
published on 19/05/2013 15:03:43 by Boaz Arad
שעות הקבלה שלי לשבוע זה
אהלן, שעות הקבלה שלי לשבוע זה מבוטלות. מי שחפץ בפגישה במהלך השבוע הזה מוזמן לשלוח אלי אי-מייל, משם כבר נסתדר. שבוע טוב, יהונתן.
published on 19/05/2013 09:49:45 by Yehonatan Cohen
כמה הודעות בנוגע לשעות הקבלה שלי
שלום לכולם

שעות הקבלה שלי משתנות באופן קבוע ל: יום א' 9-11

מכיון שביטלתי כמה שעות לאחרונה, בשבוע הקרוב אני אהיה במשרד גם ביום ג' 9-10, אתם מוזמנים להגיע ולשאול שאלות. אם בכל זאת יש מישהו שרוצה להפגש איתי בשבוע הקרוב והשעות הנ"ל לא מסתדרות עבורו, שישלח לי מייל בנושא


published on 18/05/2013 13:20:41 by Gal Amram
Class Rescheduled due to "Yom Hastudent" (21.5)
Ran's class on the 21th (18-20) will be given a day earlier on the 20th at 18-20, room 110 building 34.
published on 16/05/2013 12:54:32 by Boaz Arad
The midterm and its solution are now available
Please see the Midterm page.
published on 13/05/2013 06:47:47 by Michal Shemesh
שעות קבלה
שלום לכולם

עקב מחלה (ובעקבות החג) לא אקיים שעות קבלה השבוע. אני אשתדל להוסיף שעות קבלה בשבוע הבא.


published on 12/05/2013 18:25:50 by Gal Amram
Bellman Ford PS Updated
The Bellman Ford PS has been updated and is available here under Class material
published on 12/05/2013 13:35:50 by Boaz Arad
Practical Sessions this week are canceled (12-16/5)
Practical Sessions this week are canceled due to Shavuot - sessions will resume as usual next week.

Happy holidays!

published on 12/05/2013 12:08:47 by Boaz Arad
Assignment 4 is up
Can be found here
published on 12/05/2013 08:44:26 by Ramzi Kahil
Assignment 2 solution
Some corrections were made.
published on 08/05/2013 21:51:32 by Igor Mishsky
Office Hours
My office hours will be held today at 18:30 instead of 14:00 (only this week).
published on 08/05/2013 11:47:24 by Uri Zoran
שעות קבלה
שלום לכולם

מחר (8.5) לא אקיים שעות קבלה באופן חד פעמי


published on 07/05/2013 18:32:59 by Gal Amram
Office hours
I remind you that my office hours will be at thursday 11-13.
published on 07/05/2013 11:50:14 by Ramzi Kahil
Ran's office hours
Tomorrow, Wed, 08.05.2013, my office hours will be 14-15:45 instead of 10:15-12.
published on 07/05/2013 10:52:28 by Ran Taig
The midterm first page and the handout you'll be given are now published in the Midterm page.

Good Luck!

published on 07/05/2013 10:51:26 by Algo132
Assignments solutions
Assignment 3 solution can be found here.
Assignment 2 solution can be found here.

Please use it as a preparation for the midterm next week.

published on 06/05/2013 15:10:29 by Ran Taig
Since the issues with the submission system were indeed repaired, submission of assignment 3 was not postponed. Even so, in the case of appeals or lost assignments, late submissions to the submission system may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
published on 06/05/2013 12:53:36 by Algo132
Trouble with the submission system
We are aware that there are some issues with the submission system.

If these issues are not resolved by 16:00 today, the submission deadline will be extended in order to allow everyone to submit their work properly.

Please revisit this page later today for updates.

published on 05/05/2013 13:19:14 by Boaz Arad
שעות קבלה בפורום כיתתי
אהלן, ביום חמישי הקרוב (9.5) אקיים שעות קבלה בפורום כיתתי בשעות 17:00 עד 20:00. השיעור יתקיים בבניין 34, כיתה 16. אתם מוזמנים לשלוח אליי שאלות (מהעבודה, בחנים וכו') עד רביעי בערב. בשמחות, יהונתן.
published on 05/05/2013 12:13:12 by Yehonatan Cohen
Assignment 3 may be submitted until 23:59
As per students request, assignment 3 may be submitted until 23:59.
published on 03/05/2013 16:22:36 by Boaz Arad
Office hours
Next week my office hours will be held on Thu (9.5) 11-13 at 37/124.
published on 02/05/2013 17:19:37 by Ramzi Kahil
Midterm page added
Please review the Midterm page added to the course website.
published on 02/05/2013 09:58:50 by Boaz Arad
Appeals for assignment 1
Appeals may be submitted to Gal Amram's mailbox (NOT the course mailbox) until 7.5.13. Please observe the following guidelines:
  • Only appeals for 10 points or more will be considered (excluding mistakes in grade calculation)
  • An ir'ur is justified only if you feel that we misunderstood your answer.
  • Tell us exactly where, and in what, you feel we did not understand your thinking.
  • Explain the correctness of your solution as a whole, and not only the problematic section.
  • Keep in mind that your grade may be REDUCED if additional errors are discovered during the review of your appeal.

Once your appeal has been submitted, please open an appeal in the submission system as well.

Additionally, please read the appeals section on the courses main page before submitting your appeal.

published on 01/05/2013 19:52:16 by Boaz Arad
Igor's office hours
The office hours are cancled today. If anyone has questions I am available by mail.
published on 01/05/2013 07:50:15 by Igor Mishsky
Assignment 3 - question 4d
On this question you need to prove the formula you suggested on the previous items. To make it a bit easier we extend the relaxation of our requirement as follows:

Please give a complete proof for one out of the 3 formulas suggested on items b,c. When proving the formula, you may assume the two other formulas were calculated correctly.
published on 30/04/2013 23:09:35 by Ran Taig
Practical session for 28.4-2.5 updated
Please note the updates to the table in the previous announcement - Igor's regular Wednesday session has been added.
published on 30/04/2013 15:06:45 by Boaz Arad
Assignment 1 Grades Published
The grades for assignment 1 have been published in the submission system, graded assignments are available at the pick-up area in building 37.
published on 30/04/2013 15:03:39 by Boaz Arad
Assignment 3
For those of you confused by the definition of "rooted tree/subtree" in q4 - Please refer to the new clarification published in the Assignment page.
published on 30/04/2013 09:45:42 by Ran Taig
עבודה 3, שאלה 1
אהלן. אינכם נדרשים להוכיח את נכונות האלגוריתם אשר כתבתם בשאלה 1. אלו מכם שהצליחו, איכשהו, לכתוב גם את ההוכחה בתחום שהוקצה - יזכו בבונוס של 7 נקודות. שבוע טוב, יהונתן.
published on 28/04/2013 15:38:52 by Yehonatan Cohen
Practical session this week (28.4-2.5)
Practical sessions this week will take place only on Wednesday/Thursday. Session times are as follows:

Day Time Location Capacity TA
Wed 1000-1200 90 233 Igor
Wed 1400-1600 28 301 55 Yoav
Wed 1800-2000 72 123 32 Yoav
Wed 1800-2000 34 202 96 Gal
Thu 1300-1500 28 205 70 Boaz
Thu 1300-1500 32 112 32 Uri
Thu 0800-1000 32 206 70 Ramzi

You may attend any session, but please make an effort to attend sessions with high capacity so there will be room for everyone.

If you are unable to attend any session due to collisions with other classes please send a list of colliding classed (including the course # for each class) to

published on 28/04/2013 13:44:49 by Boaz Arad
שעות קבלה לשבוע הקרוב
אהלן, שעות הקבלה שלי בשבוע הבא תתקיימנה ביום שלישי בשעות 11:00 - 14:00. שבת שלום, יהונתן.
published on 26/04/2013 13:44:32 by Yehonatan Cohen
Assignment 3
A few technical modifications and some clarifications were added to the assignment description.
You can see it in red in the new version now online.
published on 24/04/2013 15:10:21 by Algo132
Practical sessions postponed (28.4-2.5)
Practical sessions taking place next Monday-Tuesday will be postponed to Wednesday-Thursday.

Exact times/places for the make-up sessions will be published here shortly.

published on 24/04/2013 09:29:06 by Boaz Arad
Igor's office hours
My office hours will start at 11:00 instead of at 12:00.
published on 24/04/2013 07:49:58 by Igor Mishsky
Michal's office hours
Will be held every Monday and Tuesday, 9:00-10:00, 37/-103.
published on 22/04/2013 09:09:34 by Michal Shemesh
Assignment 3
Assignment 3 is now published, see the Assignment page.
Please note the assignment requires work and time, it's preparation is very important for your success in the coming midterm.
There will be no delays so please arrange your time in advance.


published on 21/04/2013 12:13:29 by Algo132
Office hours canceled (Boaz Arad)
My office hours today have been canceled, an alternate time/date will be posted here shortly.

Due to the short notice, you are welcome to send any questions you may have via e-mail.

published on 21/04/2013 09:59:34 by Boaz Arad
Practical session permanent switch
Starting this week, I will be giving group 33 (used to be given by Ramzi) practical session (Monday 18-20, Building 34, Room 003), while Ramzi will be giving group 21 (used to be given by me) practical session (Tuesday 14-16, Building 90, Room 238).
published on 21/04/2013 08:22:55 by Uri Zoran
Practical session next week (21-25.4)
Practical session on Wednesday/Thursday are canceled.

Practical session on Sunday through Tuesday will be held as usual.

CLARIFICATION: Practical sessions on SUN-TUE are on Dynamic programming - same as was given this week on WED-THU.

published on 18/04/2013 12:09:35 by Boaz Arad
Submission of Assignment 2
Submission of Assignment 2 is postponed to 21.04 at 23:59.
published on 17/04/2013 09:50:58 by Boaz Arad
Office hours
Clarification: there will be no office hours on Monday and Tuesday, 15-16/4/2013.
published on 14/04/2013 16:15:48 by Michal Shemesh
Assignment submission
Just to clarify: assignments can be submitted in either printed or hand-written format. If you assignment is hand-written, you must still upload a scanned version of it (in PDF format) to the submission system.
published on 13/04/2013 21:54:13 by Boaz Arad
No Lectures Next week (14-18.04)
All the lectures in the course are canceled next week (Including Sunday) in order not to create gaps between the different groups.
Practical sessions are as usual.
published on 11/04/2013 23:00:34 by Ran Taig
Assignment 2
I have uploaded the answer sheet. Good luck.
published on 10/04/2013 15:38:41 by Igor Mishsky
Office Hours
Starting this week, my office hours will take place every Wednesday at 14:00, instead of at Tuesdays.
published on 09/04/2013 06:23:48 by Uri Zoran
Assignment 2
Assignment 2 is online,good luck.
published on 07/04/2013 18:45:41 by Igor Mishsky
שעות קבלה
שלום לכולם

השבוע (7-13.4) שעות הקבלה שלי יתקיימו בימים ג' וד' בשעות 9-10 במקום שעות הקבלה הרגילות


published on 07/04/2013 17:20:42 by Gal Amram
Submission of assignment 1
Assignment 1 may be submitted until MIDNIGHT today (Sunday).

Please note that you MUST submit a printed copy to the course mailbox.

published on 07/04/2013 08:06:32 by Boaz Arad
Lecture time changes
  • Tomorrow, Monday 8/4/13, Michal's lecture for Group 4 will be held during 8:00-10:00 in class 32/210, due to "Tekes Yom hashoa". (Tuesday lecture as usual).

  • Ran's second lecture (group 5) will move (only this week) to Monday,08.04, 18:00-20:00 - class: 32/307 instead of Tuesday,09.04,18-20. (Sunday lecture as usual).
  • published on 07/04/2013 09:58:53 by Michal Shemesh
    ביטול קבוצת תרגול
    אהלן, קבוצת התרגול של יום שני 10 - 12, תתבטל באופן חד פעמי בשבוע הקרוב, מאחר וטקס הזיכרון ליום השואה יתקיים בשעות אלה. מוזמנים להגיע לכל קבוצת תרגול אחרת.

    שבוע טוב.

    published on 06/04/2013 21:24:49 by Yehonatan Cohen
    Permanent change in PS 22
    There was a permanent change in PS 22, it is from now on held on Tuesday 16-18 at Building 34 Room 305. Please reconsider your schedules. I hope to see more people at this time.
    published on 04/04/2013 12:11:06 by Ramzi Kahil
    Ran's group (5) - Change in schedule next week.
    Next week, my first lecture (Sunday,07.04, 13-15) will take place as usual. The second lecture will move (only next week) to Monday,08.04, 18:00-20:00 - class: 32/307 instead of Tuesday,09.04,18-20.


    published on 03/04/2013 14:50:52 by Ran Taig
    Office Hours
    My office hours will take place tomorrow at 14:00 instead of at 12:00.
    published on 02/04/2013 21:41:25 by Igor Mishsky
    Submission system now open
    The submission system is now open and you may submit your work.

    Please note that you must submit your work both to the submission system and the course mailbox - students who do not do so, and find that their work has been lost/misplaced will be uneligable for appeal.

    If you encounter any technical difficulties, please contact the staff via the course e-mail. Do not submit your work via e-mail such submissions will be discarded.

    published on 02/04/2013 13:46:57 by Boaz Arad
    Quiz Date
    The quiz date is indeed 12.5 as appears on the course website, the test schedule will be updated shortly.
    published on 02/04/2013 13:46:11 by Boaz Arad
    Practical sessions this week (2-4.4)
    There will be no practical sessions this week, excluding group 41 which will meet as usual to complete PS2.

    PS3 will be given as usual on the week of 7-12.4.

    Tuesday's lectures are as usual.

    published on 31/03/2013 20:07:01 by Boaz Arad
    Submission system issues
    We are aware of issues with the submission system, they will be resolved soon and an update will be posted here.
    published on 28/03/2013 08:36:28 by Boaz Arad
    Assignment 1
    Assignment 1 is online. The file has been updated today (21.3) make sure you are using the last version.
    published on 21/03/2013 08:20:09 by Gal Amram
    Office Hours
    My office hours will take place tomorrow at 14:30 instead of at 12:00.
    published on 19/03/2013 18:30:49 by Igor Mishsky
    Ran's 18:00-20:00 class today will be as usual.
    published on 19/03/2013 12:55:43 by Ran Taig
    Office Hours
    My office hours will take place tomorrow at 18:00 instead of at 10:00.
    published on 19/03/2013 01:43:08 by Uri Zoran
    Ran's classes tomorrow - Tuesday, 19.03.13

    I lost my voice and thus canceling my Morning class tomorrow (Tuesday,10-12,group 4).
    FOR NOW and hopefully, my evening class tomorrow (18-20,group 5) will be held as usual but please follow announcements on that tomorrow morning.
    Students are welcome to attend the evening session or Eden's groups tomorrow (group 2: 10-12 or group 3: 16-18) - this will be the SAME class.
    Group 1 went a bit further so unless there's no choice the other options are better.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


    published on 18/03/2013 14:57:25 by Ran Taig
    I will be late tomorrow
    I will be a few minutes late to my PS tomorrow. I will be that at most at 18:20, probably before.
    published on 17/03/2013 22:37:37 by Ramzi Kahil
    Make up session for group 41 - location
    The make up session for group 41 will take place in room 205 building 28.
    published on 17/03/2013 15:47:06 by Boaz Arad
    Make up session for group 41
    Do to a scheduling error, practical session 41 (Thu 13-15) started late, if you missed it, there will be a make up session this Sunday (17.3) at 18-20. The class location will be announced here on Sunday morning. If (and only if) you are REGISTERED to group 41 and this time conflicts with your regularly scheduled classes - please contact
    published on 14/03/2013 19:12:38 by Boaz Arad
    שעות קבלה
    שעות הקבלה של גל עמרם יתקיימו בשבוע הבא ביום א'(17.3) ב 9-11 במקום שעות הקבלה הרגילות
    published on 14/03/2013 11:48:05 by Gal Amram
    Michal's office hours
    Dear students,
    I'll hold my office hours once I start teaching after Pesach (Group 4, Mondays and Tuesdays, 10:00-12:00)
    I'll schedule it and publish the time later after we meet during the first lecture.
    published on 11/03/2013 12:17:46 by Michal Shemesh
    Practical sessions are taking place
    Consider the former announcment as cancled.
    published on 10/03/2013 11:35:26 by Ramzi Kahil
    My practical sessions will not take place this week
    Due to some medical reasons I cannot hold my practical sessions this week. Hope to b back soon. Have fun at the purim patry.
    published on 09/03/2013 21:01:55 by Ramzi Kahil
    Class Rescheduled due to Purim
    The first lecture for students from groups 1,4 and 5 (Prof. Elkin, Ms. Shemesh and Mr. Taig) has been rescheduled due to the purim carnival.

    A joint lecture for all above groups will take place on Monday the 11th 11:00-13:00 in auditorium 4, building 26.

    published on 04/03/2013 14:58:11 by algo132