Message No. 85
Assignment 6
The assignments are back in the returning area.
Grades are published in the submission system.
Please note that only questions 1 and 3 were graded for correctness.

The graders would like to emphasize that many students did not fully understood the requirements from a verification algorithm - i.e (for all… and there exist…) - Please repeat this material before the exam.

Also - Recall that reduction is a transitive relation. If it's given that a language L is NP-HARD, and you PROVE: L <=_p L' , no need to show anything else in order to prove that L' is NP-HARD.

If you don't have a grade you might have submitted your assignment without a name - Please contact ASAP.
published on 15/07/2012 15:05:23 by Ran Taig