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Final Exam

This page concentrates all the relevant information for the final exam.

We would like to emphasize the fact that the exam will cover ALL* the material in the course, including, of course, the subjects covered in the beginning of the course (midterm material). Please arrive to the exam prepared.

We wish you the best of luck!

* = The proof of Cook-Levin Theorem and the approximation algorithms that you saw in the last lecture are not included in the exam.


The MOED A of the final exam will take place on 18.7.11 at 13:30 and will be 3.5 hours long with no extensions.

You can find the moed A exam and the solution to moed A here: Moed A Solution.


A copy of MOED B is available here.

A copy of MOED C is available here.


You can get yourself familiar with the title page and handout.

Final assignment grade

A day before the exam, you should check your final assignment grade in the submission system.

Contact Yair for any problems / questions regarding your grade until 22.7.

Midterm weight calculation

The weight of the midterm will decrease the higher the exam grade is, according to the following formula, let /e/ - final exam grade, /m/ - midterm grade, /h/ - average homework grade, /c/ - combined final exam and midterm grades and /f/ - final course grade.

Here is the computation of /f/ and /c/:

if (e > m) then:
    if (e-m < 45) then:
        w = 20-(e-m)/3
        w = 5
    w = 20
c = ((85-w)*e + w*m)/85
if (c > 56) then:
    f = 0.85*c+0.15*h
    f = c

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