A copy of MOED C is available in Exams.
published on 19/09/2012 18:38:29 by Uri Stemmer
Staff office hours for moed C (UPDATED)
  • Uri - 11.09, 14:00-16:00
  • Amos - 12.09, 14:00-16:00
  • Yair - 12.09, 14:00-16:00
  • Michal - 12.09, 18:15-20:00
  • Ran - 13.09, 10:00 - 11:30 (updated)
published on 10/09/2012 11:35:28 by Uri Stemmer
item 2b of moed B
In many answers to item 2b, there were wrong reductions: The clause assigned to any vertex v contained variables corresponding to all the neighbours of v (and in some answers also to v itself). A conter-example to this reduction is the full graph on four vertices.


published on 28/08/2012 11:50:20 by Yefim Dinitz
Text of exam moed B
The text of exam moed B is published at the site, in Exams.
published on 16/08/2012 23:07:15 by Yefim Dinitz
Moed B grades
Moed B grades are published. The grades include 8 points factor on the exam. We have published the correct final grades in the submission system, Have a great vacation!
published on 16/08/2012 21:00:01 by Amos Beimel
טעות בקובץ הציונים של מועד ב
בגלל טעות טכנית הוזן קובץ לא נכון של ציוני מועד ב (כולל ציונים לאנשים שלא נבחנו). הציונים הנכונים יעודכנו אחרי פגרת האוניברסיטה ב 26.8.

אני מתנצל על הטעות


published on 16/08/2012 20:55:40 by Amos Beimel
Change in classes of Moed B
The classes of the moed B exam have been moved to Building 90. Please check your new rooms!
published on 03/08/2012 19:26:52 by Amos Beimel
Handout for the exam
The handout for the exam was updated (fixed FLOYD-WARSHALL Algorithm). The updated file can be found here.
published on 03/08/2012 19:20:33 by Amos Beimel
Staff office hours for moed B
Alex - Today (Thursday) 16:00 - 18:00
Yefim - Today (Thursday) 18:00 - 19:30
Uri - Sunday - 11:30 - 13:30
Amos - Sunday - 14:00 - 16:00
Rotem - Sunday - 14:00 - 16:00
published on 02/08/2012 13:55:47 by Alex Lan
Prof. Dinitz's office hours before moed B
I will hold my office hours tomorrow (Thursday) at 18:00-19.30.


published on 01/08/2012 17:39:18 by Yefim Dinitz
Alex's office hours for the Moed B
I will hold my office hours tomorrow (Thursday) at 16:00-18:00


published on 01/08/2012 14:52:06 by Alex Lan
Michals office hours
I will not be holding anymore office hours during this semester.
I wish you all good luck!


published on 31/07/2012 08:19:42 by Michal Shemesh
Office hours
I will not hold anymore office hours during this semester.

Good Luck!


published on 31/07/2012 03:44:51 by Ilan Orlov
Office hours - Rotem
I will have my office hours this week on Wednesday 1/8, 12:00-14:00 instead of the usual time.
published on 30/07/2012 12:38:01 by Rotem Golan
מועד א
הציונים של המבחן והציון הסופי נמצאים ב submission system. לציון המבחן נוספו 5 נקודות כפקטור. בנוסף, מי שהציון המשוקלל של המבחן והבוחן שלו היה 55 קיבל ציון סופי 56. המחברות יסרקו מחר בבוקר.

טופס הבחינה והפתרון נמצאים ב- Exams.

published on 29/07/2012 20:33:05 by Uri Stemmer
I will not hold anymore office hours during this semester.
My e-mail availability on the coming month will be very limited.

Good Luck to you all!


published on 20/07/2012 14:21:59 by Ran Taig
Final assignment grade
Final assignment grade is published in the submission system. Please check your grade. Note that the grade will be in the examination section, near the grades of assignment 3,5,6.

In case you had a ptor (800) to one of the assignment, the grade is the average of the best 4 out of 5.

Any problems, remarks, wonders, doubts etc MUST be sent to before the next Monday.

Good luck in the exam


published on 18/07/2012 15:51:13 by Yair Adato
Assignment 6
The assignments are back in the returning area.
Grades are published in the submission system.
Please note that only questions 1 and 3 were graded for correctness.

The graders would like to emphasize that many students did not fully understood the requirements from a verification algorithm - i.e (for all… and there exist…) - Please repeat this material before the exam.

Also - Recall that reduction is a transitive relation. If it's given that a language L is NP-HARD, and you PROVE: L <=_p L' , no need to show anything else in order to prove that L' is NP-HARD.

If you don't have a grade you might have submitted your assignment without a name - Please contact ASAP.
published on 15/07/2012 15:05:23 by Ran Taig
Exam handouts
Please read the Exams page.
published on 15/07/2012 12:06:37 by Uri Stemmer
Moed A Office Hours
  • Alex - Sunday, 15.07.12 , 16:00-18:00
  • Michal - Monday, 16.07.12 , 10:00-12:00
  • Amos - Monday, 16.07.12 , 14:00-16:00
  • Ran - Monday, 16.07.12 , 15:00-18:00
  • Rotem - Tuesday, 17.07.12 , 13:00-16:00
  • Yair - Tuesday, 17.07.12 , 13:00-15:00
  • Ilan - Tuesday, 17.07.12 , 16:00-18:00

Good luck!
published on 12/07/2012 12:28:54 by Michal Shemesh
Assignment 5 Grades are published
You should see it on the bottom of the screen as an examination (similar to the midterm and assignment 3).

Assignment 6 grades should be published on Sunday.

Note that ALL the solutions for the assignments are published.

published on 11/07/2012 22:10:54 by Yair Adato
Michal's Office hours
I'll hold office hours tomorrow, Thursday, 12.7.12, 10-12 (my office).
published on 11/07/2012 13:33:12 by Michal Shemesh
Ran's office hours
This week I'll hold my office hours on Wednesday,11.07.2012, 14:30 - 16:30 instead of my regular Thursday office hours.


published on 10/07/2012 11:59:02 by Ran Taig
Assignment 5 - notice
  • The solution for assignment 5 is online.
  • The assignments are in the returning area.
  • There are two assignments without a name. Please contact me if you think it's yours.
  • published on 08/07/2012 17:18:38 by Rotem Golan
    The proof of Cook-Levin Theorem and the approximation algorithms that you saw in the last lecture are not included in the exam.
    published on 05/07/2012 17:09:35 by Ilan Orlov
    Moed A Office Hours
    Please use the time left before Moed A, as much as possible, and prepare for the exam.
    If any of you wish to meet me for office hours, please schedule a time by email. I'll be more than happy to help you prepare for the exam. Good luck!
    published on 04/07/2012 17:23:58 by Michal Shemesh
    Moed A Exam
    Dear students,

    In two weeks (18/7/12) we will hold Moed A. We would like to emphasize the fact that the exam will cover ALL* the material in the course, including, of course, the subjects covered in the beginning of the course (midterm material). Please arrive to the exam prepared.

    We wish you the best of luck!

    * = The proof of Cook-Levin Theorem and the approximation algorithms that you saw in the last lecture are not included in the exam.

    published on 04/07/2012 17:13:21 by Michal Shemesh
    Ran's office hours
    This week only my Thursday office hours are canceled. If you need me this week, Please set an appointment by e-mail.
    published on 03/07/2012 15:10:35 by Ran Taig
    Assignment 6 solution is now published at the assignment page.
    published on 01/07/2012 19:38:28 by Ran Taig
    Assignment 6
    On question 3 - You may assume that the inputs to both partition and 3-partition may contain the same item more than once. i.e - not sets but sequences of numbers.
    published on 24/06/2012 20:39:25 by Ran Taig
    Assignment 6
  • The answer sheet is now published.
  • Please note a small update to question 4c in the assignment description.
  • published on 19/06/2012 19:24:12 by Ran Taig
    Change in lecture room of Amos Beimel's lecture on Tuesday June 26
    The lecture of Amos Beimel on Tuesday June 26 will be in Building 26 room 6 (in the usual time 10-12).

    Amos's reception hours on Monday June 25 are canceled.

    published on 19/06/2012 14:57:46 by Amos Beimel
    Ilan's reception hours
    Hi, this week, I will have my reception hours on Thursday 9-11.
    published on 19/06/2012 09:10:10 by Ilan Orlov
    Alex's reception hours today
    Are cancelled. I will give one hour today at 18:10 and one on Thursday at 17:00.


    published on 18/06/2012 10:00:02 by Alex Lan
    Assignment 6
    Assignment 6 is now online. (please use the version uploaded on 17/06/2012,22:54 and not before!).
    The answer sheet will be published later.
    Please note that the deadline is next Thursday and not Sunday as usual.

    Good Luck!

    published on 17/06/2012 22:54:16 by Ran Taig
    Important material
    Please review the proof of the reduction presented in class from Vertex-Cover to Subset-Sum published at the Reading material page (after logging in).

    19/6 13:45: We published the wrong reduction. Please read the correct file.

    published on 17/06/2012 20:59:24 by Ran Taig
    Assignment 5 deadline
    The assignment's deadline is 17/6/2012, 16:00 (not 12:00).
    published on 13/06/2012 16:50:55 by Rotem Golan
    Yair's office hours this week
    Hi I will be in my office (minus 103) this week Mon 11:00-12:00, 13:00-14:00 Wed 12:00-12:30, 13:30-14:15, 15:00-16:00

    if you want to come in different hours on Mon or Wed, PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL FIRST.

    published on 10/06/2012 17:04:14 by Yair Adato
    I ask the student that talked with me before the first lecture (on March 12) on written course materials to contact me.


    published on 06/06/2012 17:35:46 by Yefim Dinitz
    Assignment 5
    Note that this assignment requires a fair amount of work.
    Make sure you have enough time to solve it.
    The answer sheet had been published.
    published on 06/06/2012 14:54:29 by Rotem Golan
    Tomorrow PS between 16:00-18:00 will be given by Uri.

    Tomorrow PS between 18:00-20:00 is canceled.

    Yair office hours are canceled tomorrow.

    published on 05/06/2012 12:29:26 by Yair Adato
    Change in lecture room of Amos Beimel's lecture on Tuesday June 5
    The lecture of Amos Beimel on Tuesday June 5 will be in Building 26 room 6 (in the usual time 10-12).
    published on 04/06/2012 17:14:02 by Amos Beimel
    Assignment 5 is online
    The assignment has been modified this morning 4/6, 11:00.
    Make sure you download the updated version!
    The answer sheet will be published soon.
    Good luck.
    published on 04/06/2012 10:58:29 by Rotem Golan
    Your last chance to see Dinitz Algo is today!
    Hi Today between 16-18, (002/ 34) we will have previous week ps (Dinitz), and after that we will have this week ps at the same room.
    published on 30/05/2012 12:54:43 by Yair Adato
    The midterm grades are now published
    The grades are available in the submission system. On the Midterm page you may find the midterm solution and comments. Please review it carefully.
    published on 29/05/2012 09:25:47 by Michal Shemesh
    Ilan's reception hours
    Hi, this week, I will have my reception hours on Thursday 9-11.
    published on 29/05/2012 00:29:56 by Ilan Orlov
    משקפי שמש
    נשכחו משקפי שמש בתרגול שלי ביום שני. הם אצלי. אביא אותם לתרגול הבא. (או שהסטודנט ששכח אותם ייצור איתי קשר במייל וייקח אותם לפני כן)
    published on 28/05/2012 20:16:32 by Uri Stemmer
    Change in Ran's Tuesday morning tirgool - only tomorrow
    Ran's tirgool was moved tomorrow,29.05.12, from 10-12 to 18-20.
    class: 34/107.
    published on 28/05/2012 11:16:19 by Ran Taig
    Yair will have special office hours (Mon 12-13, Wed 15-16) for all of you that have problems with the grades of the assignments.

    Please come after:

    1. Make sure that you really have a problem
    2. If you have the assignment, bring it with you.
    3. If not, make sure that it is not in the returning area.
    published on 27/05/2012 22:33:03 by Yair Adato
    Alex's and Rotem's trigulim this week
    Will be switched. Ie Alex's Monday groups 10-12 and 16-18 will be given by Rotem.
    published on 27/05/2012 18:15:50 by Alex Lan
    Running examples
  • The running example for the Ford-Folkerson algorithm can be found here.
  • The running example for the Dinitz algorithm can be found here.
  • published on 24/05/2012 12:41:39 by Ran Taig
    Proof of algorithm Dinitz
    Dear students,

    Here is an auxiliary text containing the proof that in algorithm Dinitz, the length of the layered network strictly increases from a phase to the next one. Proof_of_algorithm_Dinitz.pdf

    published on 23/05/2012 17:18:49 by Yefim Dinitz
    Assignment 3
  • There are still assignments without a name that were not requested - Please contact Ran ASAP if their yours.
  • IDs: 204329171 and 200309038 - Please contact Ran.
  • published on 22/05/2012 12:37:38 by Ran Taig
    Prof. Dinitz's and Prof. Beimel's lectures on Monday 28.5 are canceled.
    published on 21/05/2012 18:22:03 by Yair Adato
    Assignment 4 is online
    The answer sheet will be published soon.


    published on 21/05/2012 12:06:13 by Ilan Orlov
    Ilan's reception hours + few exaples from Ilan's class
    Hi, this week, I will have my reception hours on Thursday 9-11.

    Here are two examples of Dinitz Algorithm from my class.

    published on 21/05/2012 10:29:34 by Ilan Orlov
    The solution can now be found at the Midterm page.
    published on 20/05/2012 16:52:43 by Ran Taig
    Yair's Practical session this week
    This Wed is the students-holy-day. Yair will have his practical session tomorrow, Monday, time will be 16-18. We will meet at building 34, and we will find a class together. If we won't find a class, we will do "a class on the grass".

    Since this week PS is a little bit complicated, Yair will have the same PS again next week, on Wed 18-20.

    So you have two options - tomorrow and next Wed 18-20.


    published on 20/05/2012 11:22:04 by Yair Adato
    A clarification
    Hi I would like to make a small note regarding the submission system.

    English speakers are considered to be more polite than us, the Israeli guys. Actually, most of the nations of the world are considered to be more polite than us. When one says in English "please submit your assignment in the submission system", he actually means

    אתם חייבים לפתוח קבוצה ולהגיש בסמישן. אם לא תגישו בסבמישן סיסטם לא יהיה לכם ציון.

    ובכלל התרגום של

    please do something
    הוא: תעשה את זה ואל תשאל שאלות!
    published on 19/05/2012 21:56:20 by Yair Adato
    Assignment 3
    The assignments are now back in the returning zone.
    Grades will be published later (probably next week).
    Please note that for questions 1-2 and 4 you got 15 points if you did something and 0 if not - correctness was checked only in q. 3.
    Please note:
  • If you got
    הערה 1
    It means you didn't justify your formula by explaining that the sub problems are disjoint.
  • If you got
    הערה 2/3
    It means your algorithm has a problem with the order of solving sub problems. You didn't solve all needed sub-problems (for example leafs) before solving the current problem.
  • There are a few Assignments without a name - contact Ran if you think they belong to you.
  • published on 17/05/2012 09:08:38 by Ran Taig
    Rotems tirgul on Tuesday (12-14)
    Will be given by Alex.

    The tirgul on Sunday is canceled.

    published on 16/05/2012 20:26:16 by Alex Lan
    Alexs reception hours tomorrow
    I will hold additional reception hours tomorrow before the bohan, at 15:00-16:00 in room 106 building 30.
    published on 16/05/2012 20:02:51 by Alex Lan
    The grades are available at the submission system.

    If you do not have a grade for ass1 and ass2 - we have a problem.

    The most common reason is that you did not open a group at the submission system, but there are more reasons - you did not write a name, a dog ate the assignment and many more.

    Please come to Yair today at 13:00 or 15:00, or after the midterm and we try to solve the problem….

    Remember: no grade == zero.

    published on 16/05/2012 12:39:21 by Yair Adato
    Assignment 3
    Please note we uploaded a new version of the solution after fixing a bug in question 2 solution.
    published on 14/05/2012 22:35:33 by Ran Taig
    The midterm will take place on 18.05.12 at 09:00 in the morning and will be 2.5 hours long.

    Please note the time!

    published on 14/05/2012 13:24:28 by Yair Adato
    Change in Ran's tirgool for group 41 - this week only!
    My Thursday, 13-15, tirgool (group 41) is canceled this week. Instead I'll hold a complementary tirgool on Wednesday, 08-10, class: 32/108.


    published on 13/05/2012 17:28:08 by Ran Taig
    Assignment 3
    The solution is now published.
    published on 13/05/2012 17:05:53 by Ran Taig
    This week Office Hours - updated
    Here are this week office hours

    • Alex Lan Mon 12:00-14:00
    • Michal Shemesh Monday, 12:00-14:00 and Thursday, 11:00-13:00.
    • Amos Beimel Monday 14-16
    • Yefim Dinitz Monday 12-14,
    • Ran Taig Wednesday 10:00-12:00 and Thursday, 10:00-11:00. (Ran's second office hour is canceled this week).
    • Uri Stemmer Wednesday 12:00-14:00
    • Yair Adato Wednesday 13:00-14:00, 15:00-16:00.
    • Yefim Dinitz Thursday 17.30-19.

    published on 13/05/2012 08:15:24 by Yair Adato
    Michals Office hours
    I'll hold office hours this week on Monday, 12:00-14:00. There will be no office hours on Tuesday.


    published on 12/05/2012 21:04:45 by Michal Shemesh
    Next week Practical session
    Please bring this handout to the practical session Tutorial8-flow1-2012-handout.pdf

    Group 42, Tue 12-14 by Rotem is canceled next week.

    Uri will replace Rotem in his PS on Sunday 18-20.

    published on 09/05/2012 15:39:59 by Yair Adato
    Please check out the Midterm page.

    You can also have extra practice using our amazing quizzes.

    published on 09/05/2012 15:38:47 by Yair Adato
    Assignment 3 bonus
    Because of some confusion we extend the offer of 5 points bonus for anyone who will submit his assignment by tomorrow, Thursday, 10.05.12, 11:50 (and not a minute later…)
    published on 09/05/2012 12:12:08 by Ran Taig
    Assignment 1 solution has been published
    published on 07/05/2012 23:32:49 by Michal Shemesh
    Michals Office Hours
    Starting this week I will stop holding my office hours regularly. If any of you wish to meet with please contact me via mail.

    I wish you a nice "second half of the semester" with Ilan!

    published on 07/05/2012 13:53:43 by Michal Shemesh
    Clarification regarding q. 1c - Assignment 3
    You may give counterexamples that include negative circles.
    Sorry for any confusion that might occurred.

    Please note that although the deadline was postponed the assignment requires work, We strongly recommend not to begin at the weekend

    published on 06/05/2012 17:02:10 by Ran Taig
    תרגיל 3
    מועד ההגשה של תרגיל 3 נדחה ליום א' 13.05 בשעה 15:00. סטודנטים שיגישו את התרגיל בזמן המקורי (יום ד' 09.05 בשעה 12:00) יזכו ל-5 נקודות בונוס.

    צלמו את התרגיל לפני ההגשה כיוון שלא בטוח שנספיק לבדוק את התרגיל לפני הבוחן (למרות שנשתדל).

    אנו מודעים לעומס הלימודים שיש לכם כרגע. למרות זאת אנו ממליצים בחום לפתור את התרגיל ברצינות כהכנה לבוחן.

    published on 06/05/2012 16:35:22 by Uri Stemmer
    בתרגיל 1 התגלתה העתקה שתוגש לוועדת משמעת. לטובת כולנו, אנא המנעו ממצב לא נעים זה.
    published on 30/04/2012 16:02:26 by Yair Adato
    Assignment 3
    The answer sheet is now published.
    published on 30/04/2012 11:44:29 by Ran Taig
    Alex's reception hours
    Will not be given today at 12:00 but instead on Thursday at 12:00.


    published on 30/04/2012 09:08:14 by Alex Lan
    For the class of prof. Dinitz
    Dear students:

    1) It turned out that we studied approximately the same material as the other classes. So, no need of an additional meeting on cheapest paths, in the meanwhile.

    As was set, I add on LCS during my reception hours, from 12.10 and on on Monday, April 30, room 203/37.

    2) The missed simple proof (eq denotes = , sorry):

    Statement: If Relax could update at no edge (that is, for any edge (u,v) holds d(v) eq< d(u)+w(u,v)), then for any vertex v holds d(v)=delta(s,v).

    Proof by contradiction: Assume to the contrary that delta(v) < d(v), for some v. That is, there exists a path P from s to v, such that w(P) < d(v). Let us denote the prefix of P from s to any u by P_u. Let us take the first edge (x,y) on P such that w(P_x) eq> d(x), while w(P_y) < d(y) (recall that w(P_s) eq d(s) eq 0 ). Then:

    d(y) > w(P_y) = w(P_x) + w(x,y) eq> d(x) + w(x,y).

    That is, Relax(x,y,w) could update d(y) via edge (x,y), a contradiction to the asssumption.

    published on 24/04/2012 21:31:05 by Yefim Dinitz
    Assignment 3 is online
    See Assignment 3.
    Note the answer sheet will be published on Sunday.
    published on 24/04/2012 17:44:16 by Ran Taig
    Classes for Sunday
    Ran's complementary classes on Sunday (for tirgool 5, instead this Thursday) will be at:
    • 16:00 - 18:00 28 / 104
    • 18:00 - 20:00 34 / 007
    published on 24/04/2012 14:26:46 by Ran Taig
    Please note that this week practical session is a little bit different than the one we had last year. I will publish the new version shortly.
    published on 23/04/2012 12:46:18 by Yair Adato
    הרצאות מחר
    מחר, 24.4, ההרצאות בבוקר של מיכל שמש ועמוס ביימל יתקיימו בין 10-11 ו- 12-13

    ההרצאות בין 10-11 יתקיימו בחדרים הרגילים

    ההרצאה של מיכל ב-12:10 תתקיים בחדר 34/102

    ההרצאה של עמוס ב- 12:10 תתקיים בחדר 97/202

    שימו לב כי הודעה זו מעדכנת את ההודעות הקודמות

    published on 23/04/2012 12:24:04 by Amos Beimel
    Memorial and independence days.
    Please note the following changes due to the memorial day and the independence day.


    • The lectures on tuesday between 09:45-11:00 are canceled (memorial ceremony).
    • Michal Shemesh's group will have an extra hour on 24/4, 12:00-13:00 on 34/102.
    • Prof. Beimel group will have an extra hour on 24/4, 12:00-13:00 on 97/202.

    Practical sessions:

    • All the PS on wednesday and thursday are canceled.
    • Ran's PS on tuesday 24/4 will start on 9:00 (sharp) 241/90.
    • Yair will have a PS on Monday 18:00-20:00 205/34.
    • Ran will have 2 PS on sunday 29/4 at 16:00-18:00 and 18:00-20:00. Please note that Ran's PS are a week after the independence day.
    published on 18/04/2012 15:34:49 by Yair Adato
    Alexs tirgul tomorrow
    Will be given by Yair Adato, both groups.
    published on 15/04/2012 18:03:27 by Alex Lan
    Assignment 2 answer sheet has been published
    published on 05/04/2012 21:06:39 by Michal Shemesh
    Assignment 2 has been published
    Good luck and 'Hag Sameach'!
    published on 03/04/2012 19:27:06 by Michal Shemesh
    Please note - today PS at18:00-20:00 is canceled
    Due to an administrative problem Yair's practical session today between 18:00-20:00 is canceled. Please go to a different PS (today at 12, 14, or 16), or contact the course's email.

    We apologize for that.

    published on 03/04/2012 07:53:31 by Yair Adato
    A new permanent practical session was added - Beginning this week
    Note that we added a new tirgool group (34).

    The group will be given by Uri Stemmer on Mondays, 18:00-20:00, at bld. 34 room 16.

    published on 01/04/2012 14:17:16 by Algo122
    Submission is at midday!
    Please remember that the submission deadline is two days from now, at noon. This means the middle of the day when the sun is exactly above our heads.
    published on 01/04/2012 11:56:25 by Yair Adato
    complementary and changes in practical sessions - This week
    Ran will have complementary practical sessions on Monday at 8:00-10:00 in Building 28 Room 301 and Tuesday at 8:00-10:00 in Building 34 Room 7.

    Ran's regular practical session on Tuesday, 10-12, is canceled this week.

    Yair will have a complementary practical session on Tuesday at 18:00-20:00 in Building 28 Room 201.

    All students are requested to go to practical sessions on Sunday through Tuesday.

    published on 01/04/2012 11:53:14 by Yair Adato
    Ran's tirgool today - Thursday, 29.03
    Ran's tirgool between 13:00-15:00 (group 41) is delayed to 14:00-16:00 on 29.03.2012 (one time, not permanent) in the same class (97/207),
    published on 28/03/2012 15:04:23 by Ran Taig
    Lecture notes of Yefim Dinitz
    The lecture notes of prof. Dinitz from the teaching year 2010 (pictures of the white-board) can be found at the address:


    published on 27/03/2012 20:11:03 by Yefim Dinitz
    Michal's office hours
    Michal's office hours will be held on Tuesdays, 16:15-18:00, 37/-103.
    published on 27/03/2012 16:30:44 by Michal Shemesh
    Assignments handing in guidelines
    You can write the assignments by hand, you do not have to type them on the computer. The general instructions regarding using font 12 Times New Roman are only for those who WANT to type their work.
    published on 27/03/2012 11:22:11 by Alex Lan
    Assignment 1 has been published
    The assignment forum is active for your questions.
    published on 21/03/2012 22:38:13 by Alex Lan
    Class changes
    The lecture on Tuesday, 20.3.12, 10:00-12:00, for group 4 will be held in classroom 26/6.
    published on 18/03/2012 09:08:02 by Michal Shemesh
    Important changes

    1. הרצאה לקבוצה 1 ביום ראשון ה-18.3.12 בשעות 13:00-15:00 מבוטלת בשל קרנבל פורים. הרצאת השלמה לקבוצה זו תתקיים באותו היום, בכיתה 32/308 בשעות 18:00-20:00.

    סטודנטים יקרים, אנא הקפידו להגיע לקבוצת ההרצאה אליה אתם רשומים.

    2. שינוי קבוע בכיתת לימוד לקבוצת הרצאה 2, השיעור בימי ראשון בשעות 16:00-18:00 עובר לכיתה 72/210.

    3. ההרצאה לקבוצה 2, ביום ג' ה- 20.3.12 בשעות 10:00-12:00 תיערך באופן קבוע בכיתה 26/6.

    published on 15/03/2012 12:38:54 by Ran Taig
    No Tirgoolim this week
    Dear students

    In any case (even if the strike will be over) there'll be NO tirgoolim in the course on Wednesday and Thursday, 14-15/03/2012.
    We'll start the course as usual beginning on Sunday, 18.03.2012.
    Please make sure you check this announcements page regularly (and especially before the beginning of next week) to see on any changes in the schedule or other important course issues, No e-mails will be sent.

    Good Luck in the Semester.

    published on 13/03/2012 19:16:27 by Ran Taig
    Remember, the course's email is
    published on 10/03/2012 09:38:46 by Yair Adato
    assignments' deadlines
    The deadlines of all the assignments are published now at Assignments.

    If you have a representative Vaad, please contact Yair Adato.

    published on 10/03/2012 09:28:29 by Yair Adato
    Hello and welcome to ALGO 2012
    The lecture during 14-16 on Sunday, 11/3, will be held instead on Sunday, 18-20 due to the Purim festival.

    Note that the practical sessions are based on the first lecture of the week. You should attend at least one lecture before the weekly practical session. Therefore, the first week practical session on Sunday 18-20 is canceled. Please go to other session groups.

    published on 16/02/2012 14:09:40 by Yair Adato