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Date Subject Authors Presented by
2.11 Introduction Paz
16.11 Correctness of local probability propagation in graphical models with loops. Neural Computation, 12(1):1–41, 2000. YairWeiss
23.11 Shortest Paths in Intersection Graphs of Unit Disks Cabello and Jejcic
On finding an envy-free Pareto-optimal division”. In: Mathematical Programming 83 (1998), pp. 291–311 Reijnierse et al.
30.11 Market Equilibrium via a Primal-Dual-Type Algorithm. In: FOCS ’02: Proceedings of the 43rd Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science. Washington, DC, USA, 2002, pp. 389–395. Devanur et al.
Proportional response dynamics in the Fisher market. In: Theoretical Computer Science 412.24 (2011), pp. 2691–2698. L. Zhang.
7.12 Balancing Exploration and Exploitation in Min/Max-sum Distributed Constraint Optimization Zivan et al.
Dynamic Multi-Agent Task Allocation with Spatial and Temporal Constraints Amador et al.
21.12 arrow's impossible theorem
Proximity graphs: E, δ, ∆, χ and ω Bose et al.
28.12 Computational Aspects of the Colorful Caratheodory Theorem Mulzer and Stein
Rendezvous in Networks in Spite of Delay Faults Chalopin et al.
4.1 Ensembles for Unsupervised Outlier Detection: Challenges and Research Questions Zimek et al.
Plane geodesic spanning trees, Hamiltonian cycles, and perfect matchings in a simple polygon Biniaz et al.
11.1 The submodular secretary problem with cardinality constraints.
Learning Quickly When Irrelevant Attributes Abound: A New Linear-threshold Algorithm
18.1 Approximating the minimum closest pair distance and nearest neighbor distances of linearly moving points Chan and Rahmati
Geometric red-blue set cover for unit squares and related problems Chan and Hu
25.1 Deep Learning LeCun, Y., Bengio, Y. and Hinton, G. E.
Closest pair and the post office problem for stochastic points Kamousi et al.

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