Guidelines for this semester

  • Attendance is mandatory for every meeting; this is a requirement for receiving course credit.
  • During each meeting, a participant will present a paper from a specified list (incomplete sample below).
  • You will be graded on active participation:
    1. no open smartphones or laptops in class
    2. following each lecture, homework questions on lecture material will be assigned
    3. these are all mandatory – a requirement for receiving course credit
    4. these will be turned in at the start of the next lecture (no late submissions accepted)
    5. these must be done individually – not in pairs, etc
    6. the usual academic integrity rules apply (see below)
  • Grade breakdown: active participation-30%, presentation-70%

Sample papers (incomplete list)

Academic Integrity

Cheating in university courses is regarded as a serious offense. To avoid any possible misunderstanding, please read the following carefully. Academic dishonesty includes any act of obtaining, soliciting or making available to others, material related to homework assignments. If you commit any of the above, then you are guilty of academic dishonesty. If your partner commits any of the above and you submit the assignment jointly, then you are just as guilty of academic dishonesty. If you choose to work with a partner, then you are both personally responsible for what you submit together. Claiming that you were not aware of the fact that your partner copied the assignment from somebody else will not absolve you of any responsibility.

To eliminate any doubts, we make no distinction between the two (or more) sides of the cheating. If we suspect that Bob and Alice have copied an exercise one from the other, we see no way they could have done this without cooperation. It is your own responsibility to make sure that nobody can copy your assignment.

We will not tolerate academic dishonesty in this course. If you are suspected of academic dishonesty, then a complaint will be filed with the university disciplinary board (ועדת משמעת) and a detailed report placed in your academic records. The minimal penalty for this type of offense is a grade of zero in the course. You might also be expelled from the university.