The Israeli Seminar on Computational Linguistics

ISCOL 2011


09:00-09:30 Registration


9:30-10:40 Keynote 3 (ISCOL Opening/Greetings)

Session chair: Ido Dagan

Keynote: David Carmel, IBM Watson and the Jeopardy! Challenge. [abstract, presentation]

Alon Itai & Shuly Wintner. News from MILA, the Knowledge Center for Processing Hebrew. [presentation]

Yoav Goldberg & Michael Elhadad. Two Syntactic Parsers and a large automatically parsed corpus.  [paper, presentation]


10:40-11:50 Session 4 - Posters and Coffee break

Session chair: Nachum Dershowitz

Jonathan Berant, Ido Dagan & Jacob Goldberger. Global Learning of Typed Entailment Rules. [paper, poster]

Shachar Mirkin, Ido Dagan, Lili Kotlerman &Idan Szpektor. Classification-based Contextual Preferences. [paper, poster]

Raphael Cohen & Michael Elhadad. The effect of redundancy rich corpora on NLP Machine Learning. [paper, poster]

Idan Szpektor, Aristides Gionis & Yoelle MaarekImproving Recommendation for Long-tail Queries via Templates. [paper, poster]

Eyal Schwartz, Roi Reichart & Effi Levi. An HMM-Based Model for Morphology & PoS Tagging of Texts in Modern Hebrew. [paper, poster]

Vered Volansky, Noam Ordan & Shuly Wintner. More Human or more Translated? Original Texts vs. Human and Machine Translations. [paper, poster]


11:50-13:30 Session 5 - Natural language Processing I

Session chair: Shuly Wintner

Reut Tsarfaty, Joakim Nivre & Evelina Andersson. Evaluating Dependency Parsing - Robust and Heuristics-Free Cross-Annotation Evaluation. [paper, presentation]

Roy Schwartz, Omri Abend, Roi Reichart & Ari RappoportNeutralizing Linguistically Problematic Annotations in Unsupervised Dependency Parsing Evaluation. [paper, presentation]

Eyal Shnarch, Jacob Goldberger & Ido Dagan. Be principled! A Probabilistic Model for Lexical Entailment. [paper, presentation]

Asher Stern & Ido Dagan. A Confidence Model for Syntactically-Motivated Entailment Proofs. [paper, presentation]

Yael Netzer, David Gabay & Oren Hazai. "This song is quite banal" - Evaluating Hebrew Lyrics. [paper, presentation]


13:30-14:30 Lunch break


14:30-15:30 Keynote 4

Session chair: Martin Golumbic

Keynote: Oliviero Stock, Persuasive Systems for Small Groups


15:30-16:30 Session 6 - Posters and Coffee break

Session chair: Michael Elhadad

Reut Tsarfaty. Relational-Realizational Parsing. [paper, poster]

Yariv Maron, Michael Lamar & Elie Bienenstock. Incorporating Morphological Features in an Embedding Model for Part-of-Speech Induction. [paper,poster]

Hanna Fadida, Reshef Shilon, Alon Itai & Shuly Wintner. A subcategorization lexicon of Hebrew verbs. [paper, poster]

Kayla Jacobs, Alon Itai & Shuly Wintner. Hebrew Acronym Extraction and Acronym Dictionary Construction from Corpora. [paper, poster]

Lili Kotlerman, Zemer Avital, Ido Dagan, Amnon Lotan & Ofer Weintraub. Deriving Target-Domain Taxonomies from Wikipedia Category Hierarchy. [paper, poster]

Alex Zhicharevich & Nachum Dershowitz. Matching Poorly Recognized Texts to a Corpus. [paper, poster]


16:30-18:10 Session 7 - Natural language Processing II

Session chair: Alon Itai

Gideon Dror, Liu Qiaoling, Eugene Agichtein, Idan Szpektor, Evgeniy Gabriloich, Yoelle Maarek & Dan Pelleg. Predicting Web Searcher Satisfaction with Existing Community-based Answers. [paper, presentation]

Roy Bar-Haim, Elad Dinur, Ronen Feldman, Moshe Fresko & Guy Goldstein. Identifying and Following Expert Investors on Twitter. [paper, presentation]

Andrey Stolyarenko & Nachum Dershowitz. OCR for Arabic using SIFT Descriptors with Online Failure Prediction. [paper, presentation]

Gennadi Lembersky, Noam Ordan & Shuly Wintner. Building Translation Models from Original and Translated Texts. [paper, presentation]

Moshe Koppel & Yaron Winter. Determining if Two Short Documents are by a Single Author. [paper, presentation]