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RNAMute: RNA Secondary Structure Mutation Analysis Tool

RNAmute is an application that provides a user friendly interface for analyzing the effects of point mutations on RNAs secondary structure.

As with proteins, mutations in RNAs have potential to alter functionality in important biological processes. Predictions of selective mutations can be performed based on the assumption that structure relates to function. Detecting mutations with desired structural effects among all possible point mutations may therefore be valuable and can be tested experimentally.

Currently, RNAMute is available on a Linux platform.

 click here to download

- Extract the file with the commands:
1. >gunzip RNAMute.tar.gz
2. >tar xvf RNAMute.tar

After extracting the zip file, read the "ReadMe" file for more details on how to run the program.

Reference: A.Churkin and D. Barash, "RNAMute: RNA Secondary Structure Mutation Analysis Tool," BMC Bioinformatics, 7:221, 2006.

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